YouTube to Remove COVID-19 Content That Doesn’t Follow WHO Guidelines

Earlier this month, YouTube started a crackdown against conspiracy theories linking coronavirus to 5G network especially since it caused significant harm in the UK. Now, in a more recent update, YouTube has said that it will also ban all COVID-19 content from its website that is against WHO’s guidelines.

The news comes from YouTube CEO Susan Wokcicki who has said that any content with medical advice for COVID-19 that contradicts WHO’s guidelines will be banned from the platform. This means that any videos that contain unsustained medical advice will be removed. People recommending vitamin C or turmeric as a cure for the disease are some examples of violations of YouTube’s policy.

Last month, YouTube announced that it will demonetize all coronavirus content so that it cannot be used for adverts or making money. It was a part of the streaming platform’s ongoing policy of discouraging advertisements on “sensitive events”.

However, the change was reverted soon afterward when content creators expressed difficulties in making content as they could no longer even say “coronavirus” in their videos without getting demonetized.

Misinformation and conspiracy theories relating to COVID-19 are still on the rise on the video streaming platform and YouTube’s crackdown against them is still going strong.