Advertisement Introduces Zikr Counter – Helping 10 People for Every 1000 Zikrs

In this difficult situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, has seen an ever-connected society being distanced and unemployment and hunger spreading all across the world.


Ramadan is a special month for 25% of the world’s population with Muslims around the world keeping the spirit of Ramadan alive through this difficult situation by taking sermons and other religious activities online. also wanted to virtually decrease the distance in our community by making a platform to bring people together to pray with a view to helping the less fortunate.

Thus came about the idea of a collective Ramzan Zikr Counter.

As you do more and more zikr on the counter, will help the less fortunate by giving iftar to 10 people in need for every 1000 zikr count.

Check out Graana Zikr Counter here

Now, every worshiper can use this counter to do their zikr, care for the less fortunate, while also having the feeling of praying along with the community.

Graana also did this to make an inspirational tool for us all so that when we see the counter roll on to greater numbers, it will inspire us to do more zikr as well.


So this Ramzan, Graana hopes that our hard work on this Ramzan counter will help people in need while simultaneously bringing about a feeling of connection within us which is greatly needed in this difficult time.



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