Mobile Operators Appreciate Industry’s Contributions To Pakistan’s Coronavirus Fight

The coronavirus crisis has unleashed numerous challenges upon Pakistan’s impoverished masses. Besides the core healthcare crisis, the virus protocols have put the brakes on wider commercial activity throwing thousands out of work. Daily-wagers, especially, are experiencing the worst financial fallout of the outbreak-induced lockdowns.

Albeit grim, the outbreak impact has sparked a new passion for philanthropy in Pakistan. Individuals, charitable organizations, as well as corporate businesses have made swift moves to extend support to the needy in this time of crisis.

While everybody does their bit to lighten the burden of those affected most by the pandemic, Pakistan’s telecom industry has also contributed heavily to the fight against the virus.

United in their efforts to facilitate Pakistanis in the face of a daunting challenge, some telcos in Pakistan have also put their typical competitiveness on the back burner to express love and appreciation for each other’s coronavirus relief efforts.

In a show of this very spirit, Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim appreciated Ufone’s recent contribution of Rs 100 million to the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 fund in a twitter message.

“Not only is the telecom industry & (esp our engineers n distribution teams) working tirelessly to provide internet n voice connectivity in this crisis, it is also contributing generously to Pakistan’s relief efforts,” he said.

Ufone replied to Mr Ibrahim’s tweet with a note of gratitude, thanking him for appreciating its efforts in the crisis.

Tagging all cellular operators, Ufone added that the telecom sector is doing all it can to support the nation and that Ufone respects the work telcos are doing in these difficult times.

Although a little slow, the response from Pakistani telcos to the Covid-19 crisis has been solid. Jazz moved first by pledging Rs 1.2 billion toward Covid-19 relief efforts. Telenor Pakistan also announced a Rs 1.6 billion relief package. Both companies donated Rs 50 million each out of their pledged amounts to the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 fund.

Zong also pledged Rs 1.5 billion towards Pakistan’s fight against Covid-19, while the announcement from the PTCL Group (Ufone & PTCL) is expected around next week for the pledged fund for fighting coronavirus in the country.