Pakistani Student’s Cheap Coronavirus Kit Can Perform 20,000 Tests Per Day

Irfan Hussain, a student from a tribal district has reportedly developed a diagnostic kit for the novel coronavirus using his own resources.

Hussain, who is currently a student of Doctor of Pharmacy (D.Pharmacy) at Quaid-e-Azam University, is a resident of the Orakzai district. He has claimed to have developed a COVID-19 kit that, if authorized, can perform up to 20,000 tests every day.


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At a time when developing countries like Pakistan are facing an acute shortage of virus detection kits, such an invention will not only be a massive boost for Pakistan but will also crucial for the overall wellbeing of mankind.

According to Imran, tests performed through his kits will cost not more than Rs. 200 per diagnosis, which can prove to be great news for the country. Previously, testing of the poor and underprivileged people was not possible as the cost of each test was up to Rs. 8000, affordable to only the well-off.


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Hussain has shared the details about the kit with the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has high hopes that it will receive approval.

  • Pakistani inventors are living far from Reality. For any testing kit to be approved it has to go through rigorous testing to verify the claims. It takes sometimes months or more than a year before any kit of that sort will ever get approved. The approval process has to go through International organizations as well.

    Verifying those claims is always challenging and it takes a lot of time.

  • Why would you say far from reality? At least he is doing everything in his capacity to fight the pandemic while you are here only for typing and demotivating others.

  • Although it is not clear what type of kit has been prepared by the researcher but just getting primers synthesized is not considered as making a kit. Any molecular biologist could do it easily by using primers sequence submitted by Chinese scientists or targeting other sites. We have seen such cheap publicity stunts previously by few researchers from University of the Punjab as well.

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    Warna Bekaaar Ki Bateen Mat Karo K Hospital Jao Test Karwao
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