Pakistan Post Introduces New Slabs for Mail Service

In a bid to help people and facilitate better transportation of mail,  Pakistan Post has introduced slabs in its registered mail service. These slabs start from 50 grams to 1 kilogram and 2 kilograms.

Talking to the media, a spokesperson of the Pakistan Post said these slabs would ensure that an average mail that weighs 2 kg will be billed as normal letters. They added that for the international mail, the ticketing system won’t be used and the senders will be given money receipts instead.

He elaborated on this and said that since people have to add additional tickets to envelopes, it becomes hard to write the complete address of the recipient. He added that Pakistan Post had been forced to hike the cost for its international mail service as due to COVID-19, the delivery service cost of airplanes had gone up.

The new system will put an end to the usage of tickets on international mail and instead the senders will be given a receipt for money by Pakistan Post for international delivery.

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  • A very stupid decision. Stamps are the Face of the Nation and Nations Issue stamps on days of National as well as International Events. Philatelists all over the world have a liking for Pakistani stamps. China & India are minting money because of stamps and here with this stupid decision, the authorities have put the last nail in the coffin of Pakistan Philately.

    A wise decision could have been to introduce Small miniature sheets / stamps, depicting Pakistan’s exotic beauty be it in the shape of mountains, buildings or international fame personalities, of Rs 100, 200,300,400,500 so to avoid the cluttering of low value stamps on international letters.

    I request and urge the authorities to take back this decision.

  • According to the UPU ( Universal Postal Union ) the hobby of collecting new and used commemorative stamps is getting more popular in this Internet age. Queen Elizabeth who is a stamp collector has officially opened the new headquarters of the Royal Philatelic Society London on Nov. 26. Its a wrong decision to stop usage of stamps on International mail as Pakistan’s Beautiful stamps enhance the soft image of Pakistan. I request the Prime Minister and Minister Postal Services to immediately take back this stupid decision.

  • Postage stamps are silent but power ambassadors of a country. Pakistan in past has successfully conveyed its foreign policy.
    A recent example is stamps issued by Pakistan post office regarding indian atrocities in Kashmir which put Kasmir issue in highlights after a long time.
    It is a stupid decision and i do not know if any country has taken such decision. A simple solution would have been to issue definitive stamps with high face values.

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