Situation Report: Pakistan Sees its Deadliest Day Yet with 40 Deaths in 24 Hours

Pakistan yesterday recorded its highest death toll for coronavirus related complications as 40 patients died in just 24 hours, official data has said.

Half of the deaths or 20 fatalities were recorded in Punjab only while Sindh and KP reported 11 and 9 fatalities respectively. It must be noted here that off all the new deaths yesterday, only 14 patients were on ventilator — indicating that more and more patients without ventilator are dying, a pattern which was previously not seen.

Total number of new Coronavirus cases rose by 1,049 in 24 hours with 10,178 tests done during the reported period. Half of the tests were done in Punjab only.

Number of hospitalized patients reached 4,405, of which 163 patients are in critical condition while 40 another are on ventilator; indicating that fatalities could remain high during next couple of days as well.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 76 05 110 00 00
Balochistan 1,495 174 863 21 02
GB 386 14 167 03 00
Islamabad 485 21 888 04 00
KP 3,499 211 870 194 09
Punjab 8,420 317 5,030 156 20
Sindh 8,189 307 2,250 148 11
Total 22,550 1,049 10,178 526 40


  • Normal Death kO Bhi Corona Bana Diya
    Ab Na Heart Patient, Cancer, HIV, Etc CRIME Report Main Koi Nahi Mar Raha hai Bus Sare CORONA K Log Mar Rahy hai

  • It should be understood that the above posted graphs might look promising but they only hold true as far as lockdown remains in place. 2 weeks after It is lifted, cases will skyrocket, hospitals would be overrun and all those models that our Government is using will be thrown out. The death rates become exponential once the hospitals run out of space and even in this current lockdown scenario, our medical professionals are telling us that there is limited space available.

    Furthermore, the big uptick that we observed in the last few weeks coincided with the 14 day incubation period after opening of CONSTRUCTION industry. Our economy is plummeting. We have a choice to make, death via hunger or COVID-19? Which of those two things can we control?

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