Flour Prices Increase Across Punjab Due to Wheat Shortage

According to media reports, the flour prices in Punjab have been hiked by the flour mill owners due to the increase in the prices of wheat.

Abdul Rauf Mukhtar, Chairman, Punjab Flour Mills Association, whilst announcing the hike, said that the price of a 20-kilogram flour bag has been increased by Rs. 40 and will now cost Rs. 840.

He said that the hike was due to the increase in wheat prices and that, “These prices will be applicable across the Punjab province.” He claimed that they weren’t allowed to buy wheat nor was it being provided to them by the government quota. He said, “We are facing shortage of wheat stocks.”

It is important to point out that on 27th March, Khusro Bakhtiar, the former Federal Minister for National Food Security had claimed that there was no shortage of flour and the government had more than enough wheat to meet the demand.

He had said that a mapping process had been carried out by the government under which food commodities would be sent across the country, wherever needed.

He said, “If there is any shortage for the time being then it is due to flour stocks piled by masses.” He claimed that people were hoarding three flour bags, when they only needed one bag.

  • There is no real shortage. This is artificial shortage created by the “Zakheera Andoz” (Hoarders) Mafia that is now supported by the government and the Establishment. They are hoarding wheat in their warehouses and just like Sugar they are hoarding it to increase their price.
    In one Season the same mafia stores the sugar and in the other season the same mafia stores wheat.

    All government officials and politicians ( PTI, PPP, PMLN alike) are involved in it. In the end it is the poor Awaam that is suffering.
    You can easily trace the warehouses but when government officials are involved in it then nothing can change.

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