Situation Report: Pakistan Reports Lowest Deaths in 10 Days

Pakistan reported its lowest rise in single day deaths due to coronavirus since April 30th, as the new deaths during past 24 hours stood at 21, said the data issued by NCOC.

Numbers also show that death rate is decreasing for past five days in a row, and the number is on constant decline.


It must be noted that epidemiologists consider a peak if death rates continue to remain the same or decline for 14 days. They consider it as a peak and then numbers are likely to start declining in the region.

However, we will have to see for another 10 days — and if deaths remain constant or decline — then a peak will be said to have reached.

Of new deaths, 13 patients were from KP, while another 5 were from Sindh. One patient each from GB, Islamabad and Punjab also died during past 24 hours due to coronavirus related complicaiotns.

New cases, however, rose to a new record of 1,991 as Sindh reported a record rise of 1,080 new cases during a single day. Punjab posted 622 new coronavirus cases during the reported period,

A total of 8,023 patients fully recovered from the virus and were discharged from the hospitals.

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 86 07 47 00 00
Balochistan 1,935 59 476 24 00
GB 430 09 131 04 01
Islamabad 641 32 1,059 05 01
KP 4,509 182 1,547 234 13
Punjab 11,093 622 5,199 192 01
Sindh 10,771 1080 3,534 180 05
Total 29,465 1,991 11,993 639 21


  • It is was globalist scam all along recovery ratio is pretty high just like flu.I believe many western countries are reporting fake numbers.

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