Sindh Govt Issues SOPs for Small Traders & Retail Shops

On the directives of the Sindh government, the Sindh home department has published standard operating procedures (SOP) dealing with retail shops and small traders.

It said that due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus, the Sindh government was passing orders under the Sindh Epidemic Diseases Act 2014 (The Sindh Act VIII of 2015). The home department in this regard has announced restrictions on all activities bar essential services/office/industry.

It said, “Now, therefore in exercise of powers Under Section 3(1) of the Sindh Epidemic Diseases Act 2014 the Government of Sindh issues following SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to be adopted by the persons and businesses-concerns that are specifically permitted to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic (after signing and displaying due undertaking given for adherence to the SOPs) so that the spread of coronavirus and resulting disease and deaths are prevented.”

The SOPs are for small businesses, retailers and shops that are allowed to open during the ongoing situation and to ensure they run in such a way that halts the spread of the virus. The SOPs are applicable to all places that are open and have to follows these SOPs with no exceptions; they are to be followed by the customers too. If there is any violation, they will be punished under the relevant laws.

“List of persons including themselves as well as their staff/workers/delivery persons/others who may be present during any time for working at their workplace(s) giving their required particulars (name & fathers name, CNIC, residential address and Contact/cell number) for purpose of tracing/tracking in case anyone tests positive.”