Lahore to Go Completely Digital Within the Next Few Weeks

The district administration in Punjab’s capital, Lahore, is ready to use digital technology and make a complete shift onto IT systems to better facilitate the people.

The move to digital platforms is set to be completed in the coming weeks; which was devised under the Punjab Local Government Act (PLGA) 2019. The transition, according to one official, will help the people be a part of the system of governance.



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Secretary Local Government and Community Development Department, Dr. Ahmad Javed Qazi said:

The new system will help empower citizens in Punjab by increasing their participation in all affairs of the administration.

The government will bring 12 new Management Information Systems (MIS) once the move is finished and some of these include a computerized Financial MIS, Annual Development Program MIS, Municipal Assets MIS, and others.


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Dr. Qazi said that the government will introduce an online application as well, which will be created with the help of the Punjab Information and Technology Board (PITB), and NADRA, and will be called Baldiya Online.

He said, “The application will provide direct access to the citizen.” He further added that the app will help people report issues without having to visit offices. A person can register on the app using their National ID card and once their details are confirmed by NADRA, they will receive confirmation.

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Via: Tribune

    • You are talking as if Islamabad is some other country its just a small city for government and bureaucracy that’s it.People working there are from all over of Pakistan.

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  • Excellent news! Hope once done other cities can offer the same facilities as well ?

  • All the government apps, Are literally trash, full of bugs, most of the PITB and NITB apps are absolute garbage and government has no quality of design measurements.

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