Daewoo Express Will Not Resume Operations Today

While the government has announced that public transport and ride-hailing services can resume operations from today (Monday) after meeting the necessary Standard Operating Procedures, the transport department has further announced a reduction in fares due to the fall in fuel prices.

However, there seems to be a question mark on the status of intercity transport via bus with the private transport company Daewoo Express announcing that they won’t be resuming services from today.

In a tweet, the company announced that the necessary Standard Operating Procedures were not agreed upon with the government to help resume the transport services. Hence, they will not be resuming them from today.

It is pertinent to point out that this seems temporary and the two sides may reach an understanding soon as services like public transport, ride-hailing services, and even domestic airline operations have resumed.

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  • ye chahty hain k Fare wo e rhy aur aur Seats b Fill kr k le k jain
    Jb k hona ye chahiay Dsi-infect spray kr k sab ko bethain aur sab seats fill hon

  • Fares should be decreased by 40% across the board for all ground based public transportation due to reduction in diesel cost.

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