PCB’s New Move Will Make All Domestic Players Extremely Rich

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to increase domestic players’ salaries from this season. As per the sources, the salaries for contracted players will increase by 15-40% or even 50% if the budget gets approved.

A total of 192 cricketers were awarded contracts for six regional sides as per the new domestic structure. The new structure was implemented last year after Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the PCB officials to axe departmental cricket teams.


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Both first and second XI players of all the regional teams are currently being paid Rs. 50,000 per month.

Reports suggest that the cricket board is also planning to increase match fee, which will allow the first XI players to make up to Rs 2,500,000. If the salaries are increased, players will be paid between Rs 60,000-75,000 as a monthly retainer fee.

In addition, a new A+ category is likely to be introduced by the PCB under which the top 10 performers from domestic cricket, under-19 cricket and international cricket – those without the central contract – will be included.

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  • Corona se mulk ke economy tabah hau gayi yeh time salary barhane ka nahi balke cricket kau mukamal taur par band karne ka time hai.

  • about time they did this. they won’t become rich though. author shouldn’t exaggerate.

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