PTA is Considering Banning PUBG in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been directed to decide on banning the famous multiplayer game PUBG from Pakistan as per orders from the Lahore High Court (LHC).

The Lahore High Court (LHC) received a petition on Monday from a citizen Faizan Maqsood demanding a ban to be placed on PUBG for its negative impact on children. The petition said that the game has a detrimental effect on the personalities of children around the country as it “promotes violence”.

The petition added that PUBG is also adversely affecting the decision-making ability of children and requested the LHC to remove the game from the Google Play Store. After reading the petition over, the LHC ordered PTA to make the decision within six weeks. As of yet, there is no word on whether the decision will also affect PUBG on PC and consoles.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan would not be the first country to ban PUBG because of its violent nature. Back in July 2019, Jordan banned PUBG for its possible perverse affect on its citizens, a move that followed after similar bans in Iraq, Nepal, and the Indian state of Gujrat.

China also removed the game from its country but replaced it with a patriotic and less violent version called Game for Peace. The game is identical to PUBG but censors all the violence involved.

With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that parenting is the most important factor here, if a child is succeptible to being influenced by any video game, that child should be closely overseen.

  • No wonder no one is ready to invest in Pakistan when we have cartoon like these running courts of Pakistan.

    • Ali bhai, ye chzn khud se ni bnti, bnani perti hain.jinho ne game bnai wo khid bhut kamai kr rahe hain, hamain is tarf lga k.lakin kiu k hum sb in fazol kamo mai lg gaye hain tu ab koi dosray kam hum se ho ni payn gye.

      • Fawad bhai agr wo kamai kr rhy h to hmary youtubers b unhi ki bnai hui game khel k kmai kr rhy h… In ki kmai s q jal rhy ho… Or agr games ban kr k jo Pakistan IT gaming department disturb ho ga wo nzr nhi Ata kya? Kitny pakistani game developers hn… Pakistan gaming community h wo disturb ho gi… Un ki earnings disturb ho gi… Wo kon dy GA Un ko ab…
        Mtlb jo dill me ae GA uth k kr do gy… Jo Mou me aye GA bol do gy bgyr facts dekhy… Isn’t it unfair?

        • fawad jal touri raha hai sahe khe raha hai hum fazol kamo main lag gaye hain isliye game ya or kuch banaty nahe bus band karna ata hai.
          youtube se kamaty hai achi baat hai .

      • Bro baat yeh ni hai, jiss banday nay kuch krna hota hai na ussay dunia ki koi cheez roook ni saqti
        But some of the people are mad behind it, zaroori ni hai kay haar koi ess terhan baan jay, you must think about it ??

      • Fawad bhai,ager app sey dusray kaam nhi hotay to appp pubg hi ban krwa do gy?mtlb glti app ki nhi k app sey kaam nhi hotay,glti Pubg walu ki hai jo unhu ney game bnai or app khel rhy ho,chlo fir is ko ban krtey hey So ap dusray kaaam krney k Kabil ho jain????nice fact

    • Indian Intelligence Agency RAW using the pubg to communicate with their Agents Worldwide so thats why PUBG must be blocked in Pakistan.

      • App logo k desh me ban karna he to karo Indian Intelligence Agency RAW wale kisi our city/state pe communicate karega PUBG k through.

      • Bhai matlab kuch bhi? Is game mein agar koi data use kr skta haina to game k developers hain. Ye India, Raw agents nahi. Sab bkwas hai. Kin cheezon mein dimagh lgatay hain humare log.

    • I highly respect your opinion, but these types of games are having a negative impact our youth. So, banning it is the best idea, or our next generation will be destroyed.

      • Banning a game is best idea while there’s no responsibility of those parents who are letting their kids use their phones in small ages and buying them ipads when they should be giving time to them and teaching them new things themselves. Idiocity on another level in this country.

  • I remember when S H I T hit the fan back in GTA San Andreas days due to a hidden Hot coffee mode which modders discovered and made it playable. It was fodder for all the anti-games activists in US. Bottom line is those people are still memed for their ridiculous stance that video games makes kids Violent. Psychologists have proven time and again that their’s no evidence that suggests that there exists a correlation between Video games and teenage delinquency/Violence.
    Ok Boomer memes q bante hein, now I know exactly.
    Seriously though why don’t desis realize that games are an avenue to blow off steam, boomers need to chill.

  • A Pakistani is a current Evo 2 times Tekken 7 champion. That game is also a fighting game. So what is next?. Ban Tekken series as it is violent as well?.

    Anyway Ban everything and then complain that why IT and Tech companies are not investing in Pakistan. Also why Judges are interfering in everything?. Their job is to bring justice, but they are wasting the precious time and tax money on such useless verdicts?.

  • Simply, close minded idiots… By this logic they should ban every game, every movie in pakistan…

  • Wow this is Pakistan .. shame on you guys.. there are plenty of games which can easily replace pubg. There’s free fire, fortnite, COD mobile.. try and ban all of these along with it idiots. The citizen who filed the case should consider taking his kids to a psychiatrist because the game doesn’t affect me or anyone I know at all. People are going crazy watching the turkish drama they’ve left the ibaadah of the holy month for it. Why not ban that? People with a mind full of negative shit!

    • well said that the government can’t go banning every FPS. Besides there is no link between video games and violent behavior. Its strange that the LHC went ahead with it and asked PTA to get involved in the matter. I hope PTA has more sense then LHC.


  • Aisay idiots ki hi wajah say Pakistan E-Sports mein baqi duniya say bohat pichay hei, jab idiots courts mein judge ban kar ayen gay tou yehi hoga, ab is idiot say koi puchhay kay Taliban PUBG kheltay thay ya Chengiz Khan PUBG khelta tha.
    Game violent nahi banati gandi parvrish aur gandi sohbat violent banati hei, Dynamo, Mortal, Athena, Anonymous ye sab top PUBG players bohat hi humble insan hein in mein say tou koi bhi violent nahi bana.

  • A game is always a game and is for an entertainment purpose only. It has to do nothing with reality. Courts and judges are so useless in our country that they are giving verdicts on games now… get some life and look around there’s so much that needs to be done when it comes to injustice, secondly those who are filing petitions against any games must be pathetic and wasted enough that they are now coming up with complaints against games.

  • I sincerely hope that they should ban Lahore High Court instead of PUBG… Difference between them both is PUBG let’s criminals wander around in your phones, whereas LHC let’s them loose in real life, I guess justice may really be blind..

  • I am a full time PUBG Mobile streamer and all i can say is that is the sole reason all of our successful streams and content creators live abroad.

  • I think it’s a very good decision. My younger brother plays pubg all the time. He failed in 9th class because of this game. Mostly he even don’t eat for the whole day. Developed countries like China has even banned this game because they know the consequences of this game. I, utterly, like this decision. Our young generation’s mind are totally perplexed because of this game. This is the decision which should have been made a while ago. Nevertheless, it should be banned as soon as possible.

    • My little brother if he doesn’t even eat something he wouldn’t be hungry that’s not pubg’s problem give him some medicine and he failed 9th class because he wasn’t able to pass it it’s not pubg’s problem you should think of corona and other stuff not about pubg bro

    • 1st of all, stop blaming a game for your brother’s stupidity.

      2nd of all, China isn’t a developed country. They repeatedly violate human rights and they ban anything that says something negative about them.

      3rd of all, no, the younger generation’s minds aren’t perplexed by PUBG, you’re just an out of touch idiot.

      4th of all, ok boomer

    • Mr genius, Your brother failing is not pubg’s fault. It’s your own brothers fault. It’s your fault, it’s your parents fault that why aren’t they telling him to stop playing and focus on his studies? Also for eating, again it’s not the games fault. Stop blaming everything on the game. There are much more worse things that’s going on in the world and you’re talking about a game? Are you an idiot or something? You guys can’t help your brother/son to stop playing games to improve his grades and you blame the game? Well I blame you! You have mouth, you have hands, you are his elders. Its your responsibility. More idiots having no real issue with the game but rather hiding their own failures by blaming the game.

    • Bhai Jan Kon so ghalat cheez him me to apne phones Mai download ki hoi hai net bhi hamara lagta hai ayse se pubg ban Kar dein gy

  • This is not ha right thing. We can’t tell our children with is wrong and what is right and want a game banned in our country. Game is a game. If you ban Pubg in Pakistan there are many other games i.e call of duty. We have to raise our generation with a strong mind set. World is inventing many things daily

  • Imran Khan say he banned this pubg its no problem everyone using VPN it’s better working how much you put the banned in pubg

  • same one old sh*t the video Games promote Violence i will suggest everyone to do some research studies have shown that violence and Video Games have no link.

    • Yehi comment main ne kiya
      Jo naslain bigaar rahe hain Wo ban nahn jo entertain Kar rahe hain us ko ban karo
      Pubg main Koi burai nahn aur tiktok main sirf fahashi hai


  • First things first ban tiktok mens are becoming women, and second thing is dont let your child play ot just restrict it for 12 yo old or 13 or 14 or 15 year old players if they are having problem and there is not only “pubg” here which was said its impacting children or there is violence there are many shooter games and game like pubg and second there is cod mobile the person who demanded ban should have atleast knowm that its not the only game after this u will ban the game there will be no changes at all “childrens” can play another game too which also causes violence ! If u say soo and this game was not meant for 8 yo old or 12 yo old or 13 yo old , parents are letting their children play its not our mistake and third thing is parents are openly allowing their children to play they can take their mobile phone if his/her parents dont want their child to play. Pubg is not the only game , and as u see its written ( *action . shooter* )when u come to download the game . And there are many games like this or way worse then this in playstore which we can say cause the real violence and distrubence for children ?

  • Every one listen plz first if all I am a pubg player and I dont like this that pubg have to ban.
    I know a pakistani boy dead but our government dont know why he died he died because of result depression not by pubg tension.
    If they want to ban pubg so do it but first you have to ban worlds worstest app tiktok our young generation become a gay and tiktok creating violence not pubg our young generations mind become even Bader because of tiktok a Male become female and female become male but no our government thinks that pubg is creating violence our government is blind.
    And dont worry pubg cant be banned in Pakistan because it’s an American game you guys remember that when China ban iphone so America do very bad with their famous company Huawei but China is talented country they cover the loss but our country dont have power in technology world so our government cant ban pubg

    • Its good to ban such games. Time wastage only.

      These games not only disturb the multi branch pattern of neurons of brain but also the morality of a Muslim child.
      It may be noted that the games also affect the kids intellectual level.

      Dr hafiz ShahidAmin

      • Why ban pubg? Why not tiktok sir? Its also wastage of time and it is actually destroying people. The children’s minds you’re talking about are being destroyed by tiktok not pubg mobile. If you really wanna ban then ban that thing first then come talk about pubg mobile. People are making careers in esports and here in our country people like you, are pulling us down. Pakistan’ s first ever pubgobile team, team free style was going to represent Pakistan in the pubg mobile global event for the first time and now what you people do, try to ban it. Go ahead and ban it. Make the country a laughing stock like you idiots always do. You guys don’t go forward to ban the real generation destroyer tiktok but rather pubg mobile where we in some near future could have represented Pakistan globally.

      • tik tok kuyn nahi band karty wahan say bachy khrab nahi hoty dr. sahab tik tok k ly to kuch khyen wahan ki bachiyan achi lagti hen kiya

    • That was not boy, that was child who don’t had to play pubg even use mobile. I mean that was parents fault not pubg fault

  • Sir with due respect don’t ban PUBG because there are no one who can die from pubg. I know that your child is addicted from pubg and he do not listen you. If you want to ban pubg you do not stop pakistani pubg players because thay will play pubg by using VPN of different servers now choice is your.

  • No that’s not right this is our parent responseblity and plz plz don’t block this game plz

  • Maqsood saab pubg ko Q bann karty ho P se or b 1 name ata hai hai asal main wo apky bachy kharab kar raha os ko Q bann Nahi karty P waly konsy websites hain ap samajh gae hongy pubg Kisi ko kharab Nahi karta balki bohut bury kamo se bachata hai BAAT ko samjho BAAD main pachtaogy

  • Mujhy 1year se uper hogya pubg khealty har tarha k har age k logon k sath khela hai maine agr koi addict hota hai to psycho patient hoga sub log apney time pe job krtey hain free time pe game kheltey hain eske bohat se positive affect b hain bohat se youtuber jho achi income generate kr rhy hain har tarha k positive affect hain

  • For Allah sake
    Dear PTA officers
    Please ban pubg henceforth. This will be a great work for all parents.

  • Khuda ke liye dis is the only game frm which we can spend time in lockdown. Iss ke elawa tv par mama nai Ertugrul lagaya hota hai. Plz, the game disturbs only those children who play it for almost 6-7 hours a day. BAN TIKTOK INSTEAD

  • Plz pubg ko ban mat karen this is the only game which I really like….. tik tok ko ban karo bcz It is a very cringe app

  • Plz dont ban pubg It is the only game which we really like the most….. yes you can ban tik tok because It is a very cringe app!

  • Do not ban pubg in Pakistan because this is the only game that keeps children in houses they are not affected buy this game. Parents must handle theire children if there children’s play 24/7 . THANKS

  • Aise e ban krdo esko jo apps ban krni chahiye wo krte ni ho ????
    Waise b ye ban krna aap logon k bas ki bat ni hai ????

  • Waah kya adalti nizam hy qatal k case tu in sy hal nai hoty or games pr foran fiasla ???

  • Why not banning TikTok which have caused so many deaths in Pakistan and also have negative impact on our culture and religion. The easiest thing for these courts is to protect the bad and prolong the justice. As somebody well said “Bitches of riches”.

    • Can you please explain how an app about making funny videos has caused deaths and negatively impacted your culture?

      Because what you’re saying seems like bs

      • Umm no offense but u sound mad about his comment…everyone has the right to comment..and share their opinion…and i dont think he wrong ..tiktok is just as bad as pubg ,maybe even more ..and not all of the content is bad but it definitely has a bad effect on people using it ..people will do anything for clout and go to extream lengths to get more veiws …like the drinkinh food colour challenge, eating tide pods challenge, the licking public bathroom seat challenge, performing dangerous stunts , making racist comments etc dont get mad his hate for tik tok is there for a reason
        ? stay positive and spread peace

  • Good this type of game should not be allowed to kids. Otherwise the elders can play if they want too….
    I’ve never had experienced playing this game so I’ve no idea how much violence it creates in mind of people playing it…..

    • i don’t think it has any negative impact on the brain of an adult … anyone who can think clearly and has the right mind shouldn’thave any bad impacts …i have played this game for over a year and i have not felt any bad impacts on me …i have self control..but the young people aged 3- 13 ..they shouldn’t play this game …as their brains are still not well developed and can’t differentiate between right and wrong…so its more like the parent’s fault here for not having more control over their kids

  • Every thing have both aspects negative or positive a lot of people’s improved English through PUBG game and our cricketers are still thinking to improve his language. I’m not judging to anyone this is just my point of view how you can Lear the Good things.
    If your children are not listening to you so this is your fault you’ve to learn about how you can handle your children’s.

  • O tum jo ban kar rha ho pahlya ye dakho ka tumhara ghar bhi khali ga rahi ho gi.or vasa bhi tum is game ko band nahi karsaktya.putar tu ma itna pani hi nahi ha.or aghar is game ko ban karna ka bhot ha na to isi tarhana ki game create karo pakistan ma.tu log jo kahta ho ka ya molak traki kar raha ha to bilkul isi tarhana ki game create karo or phir pasa kama ka dikhyo

      • Article parhe bagheir comments krne agae. Uper court likha hai government nh Jo banned kr rhi hai.

        • Community tou sari ek he hai nah noob… Chahe wo ab upr court ho ya niche court… Community tou gov. ki hai nah chawal insan..

  • If it’s banned I know there will be a solution to download it. No proper measures can be taken in world of IT.

  • close