Here’s Why #BoycottUAE is Trending on Pakistani Twitter

If you are a regular social media user, you must have noticed that Pakistanis are calling for boycotting the UAE. Hashtag #BoycottUAE is trending in both Pakistan and Turkey and the reason behind this is Ankara and the Emirates’ historically strained relationship.

The trend was started by a prominent Turkey-based influencer, Ali Keskin, with a call to boycott UAE because the country hasn’t supported Kashmir when they needed it the most.

He shared a series of tweets and a large number of Pakistanis and Turkish people followed the trend.

The internet is having a divided opinion on the matter as some are supporting the trend whereas others are refraining from spoiling the historically strong ties between the UAE and Pakistan.

Another reason behind the trend in Pakistan is that UAE’s flag carrier, Etihad, has made its first-ever ‘known’ flight to Israel. Despite the fact that the two countries don’t have any formal ties, the airline’s cargo jet, carrying medical supplies for Palestinians, landed at Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.


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Israel’s permanent representative to the UN, Danny Danon, shared the news on his Twitter account, hoping to see passenger flights operating between the two countries as well.

Despite being the first Muslim majority country to recognize Israel in 1949, Turkey does not enjoy good relations with Israel. Pakistan, on the other hand, is among the majority of Muslim countries that do not recognize Israel as a state because of its illegal occupation of Palestine.

Another reason is the fact that Pakistanis have always supported Turkey and vice versa. With Pakistanis glued to their television or Mobile screens to watch Turkish series Resurrection: Ertugrul, the love affair between the two nations seems to be at an all-time high.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE is one of the largest job markets for Pakistanis with thousands already working in Emirates.

Do you think Pakistanis should call for boycotting UAE? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Turkey will use Pakistan as a Proxy but we should be aware of the Consequences. Turk-Arab Conflict is going on for Centuries. Even the first “Great Arab Revolt” was fought against Turks.
    We Pakistanis must stay away from it at all costs. Please don’t side with Turkey. We have economic interests with UAE. More than 1.5 Million ( 15 Lakh) Pakistanis Work There.

    Just imagine if UAE will decide to deport all 10-15 Lakh Pakistanis back to Pakistan. Can you give jobs to lakhs of people. Turkey will not give us jobs but Arab countries are giving us all jobs to sustain us. Don’t kill your own Income with this stupidity.

    • We dont care about the jobs in UAE. We are with Turkey. Pakistan can easily accomodate 20-30 lakh Pakistanis if Arab states deport them.
      As long as Great leaders of Ummah Tayyib Erdogan and Imran Khan are here, we dont need to worry about anything.

      • we will reduce the amount of $ coming to pakistan which will lead to further rupee devaluation

      • Lol here comes the distributor of ‘GHADDARI’ certificate. U find someone having opposing views to ur teeny weeny mentality and instantly issue a certificate. What a clown that u are.
        Aur Erdogan apky PaPa hongy hamary ni, Ummah ka lollipop apny pas rakho, we should only be concerned with our own motherland.

      • Emotional kakay, those expat Pakistanis send 22-24 billion dollars annually and big chunk of it comes from UAE and Saudia. One shouldn’t think in terms of money only but they are the only country that happily welcomes Pakistanis for jobs and business.
        You can’t feed one Pakistani family lakin batian bari bari kara lo.

      • My dear u don’t understand economics. How will you buy petrol and products from Cheen if no remittance from UAE. Annual Salary of 20-30 lac people in UAE is 200 billion dollars

    • Turkey did not think even one second to support Pakistan in Kashmir problem and confronted İndia. What kind of person can say that Turkey use Pakistan as proxy.

  • Why are we start to work like tools without realizing the consequences. Please think before you act. Who has started this trend & what’s we are going to get it from this? If we will get something beneficial for our country? Then we should not think another moment & say yes? M sorry but this is a idiotic approach of losing a friend just because a person from other party has asked for this? We must be a mediator between two brother muslim states & must not sided with anyone of them. Our national interest is to keep relations not to spoil.

    • You seems to be a pure patwari. PM Khan has clearly stated that who is our real friend and that is Turkey. Inshallah Turkey’s Khilafat will be back and we will be a part of it. You will see millions of Ertuguls to defend ourself.

  • hahaha koi real islamic toh imran playboy ko leader manta nai ye bas pti wale usko leader banate hain fake comments kar ke.

  • At this time we Muslims and all Muslim countries should be together and don’t collapse each other. Follow the teachings of our beloved ❤️Prophet peace be upon him and the Holy Quran, if we want to rule the world.

  • یوتھیاز اور جزباتی پاکستانیوں،
    پاکستان اور پاکستانیوں کو ھمیشہ فوج کے جرنیلوں نے بیچا کسی نہ کسی کے ایجنڈا یا اپنے دماغ کا غرور نکالنے کیلئے.
    پندرہ لاکھ پاکستانی جو UAE
    میں کام اور کاروبار کرتا ھے
    وہ پیسہ اس 24 ارب ڈالر کا بڑا حصہ ھے جو پاکستان جاتا ھے
    اس کے بغیر خاندانوں کا. نہیں ملک کا پیہ نہیں چلنا
    پھر نہ ترکی اور نہ ایران نہ امریکہ اور کسی اور نے مدد کیلئے آنا ھے
    پاکستان میں یہ ئرینڈ چلانے والے ترکی سے زیادہ تہران کے حمایتی ھیں

  • UAE is a satelite country established by Emperial countries. It’s government does not represent its people. UAE government can not be a real friend of Pakistan. Brotherhood between Turkey and Pakistan was written by blood, not with money. Turkish people and its government loves Pakistan as it is their own country. What ever you think, we in Turkey always care and support Pakistan.

  • Why you people are creating such sort of articles. When you know this would cause a division. Pakistani people enjoy good relations with people of both countries. This is how other nations and people spam Pakistanies, because they are not one. Write articles to unite people not divide them. Your writing could have cause division among both sides

  • Pakistani’s have all Afghan heroes like Gori and Ghazani, then they wanted to be called Arabs and now they consider themselves Turkic whereas ultimately they will be Chinese. Big Confusion ??

  • This is more like herd mentality, more than anything. Turkey and the UAE oppose each other in Libya, which most Pakistanis probably wouldn’t care much about. But then, Turkey said they supported Kashmir, and now Pakistanis are boycotting the UAE without even doing the proper resealed on why the UAE and Turkey are at odds with one another.

    That said, similar calls have also been made in Saudi, Egypt and the UAE to boycott Turkey tourism as well.

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