Pakistani Team Investigated The Plane Crash As Per International Standards: Airbus

Airbus’ technical team that is currently investigating the PK-8303 plane crash incident has praised the efforts made by the Pakistani investigation team.

French experts that arrived in Pakistan on Tuesday said that the initial probe was conducted in a professional manner and as per global standards. Over the last two days, the team made several visits to the crash site and collected the necessary data.


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According to sources, the 11-member investigation team will now use forensics to further investigate the crash. The experts will also search for the cockpit today. A flight safety team of PIA will accompany them at the crash site. Camera drones will also be used during the hunt.

Moreover, the Airbus team has allowed movement of the remains of the plane from the site, including the cabin, tail, and other parts to the airport. However, the ill-fated plane’s engine and landing gear will be shifted in a few days.


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So far, 43 of the 97 bodies have been handed over to the relatives after DNA examinations, whereas, remaining corpses will be examined soon.