Situation Report: Record 3,039 New Cases and 88 Deaths Reported in a Single Day

Pakistan saw another gloomy day yesterday as 3,039 new coronavirus cases emerged in the country and 88 patients died of COVID-19 related complications in just 24 hours, marking the deadliest day of the outbreak yet in the country.

While 1,140 patients recovered from the virus yesterday, 3,039 new cases emerged as Sindh reported record 1,247 new cases in a single day. Punjab added another 952 cases while KP said 473 new cases were tested positive in the province, which is a provincial record yet.

Islamabad also registered record 226 new cases in a single day.

In terms of deaths, Sindh reported 38 while Punjab registered 36 patients dying of the infection in just 24 hours.

KP, Islamabad and GB reported 8, 4 and 2 deaths respectively.

Number of daily tests reached 14,972 — which were higher than previous seven days but still lesser than the capacity the country has. While provinces are moving to enhance their testing capacity, it is now clear that the outbreak has gripped the country and only more and more cases will emerge in coming days.

Increase in daily new cases is recorded around 15%, however, the number of deaths have doubled since the week before Eid. This, rather sudden and major spike, is due to daily new cases that almost doubled during first and second week of May.

It is feared that daily deaths are likely to remain the same for next several days (if not weeks).

At this stage, we must find ways or hope that daily new cases will flatten in coming days to reach the peak. Once that happens, that’s only when we can expect the death rate to come down. Or there will be no stopping.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed Cases In 24 Hours Tests in 24 Hours Deaths Last 24 Hours
AJK 251 17 264 06 00
Balochistan 4,193 106 583 46 00
GB 678 18 243 11 02
Islamabad 2,418 226 1,541 27 04
KP 9,540 473 1,590 453 08
Punjab 25,056 952 5,270 475 36
Sindh 27,360 1,247 5,481 465 38
Total 69,496 3,039 14,972 1,483 88