These are the Most Followed Pakistani Cricketers on Social Media

It’s an age of social media and almost everyone loves to browse through different platforms to keep themselves up to date with every happening around the globe. With cricket lovers itching to see what’s going on in the lives of their favorite cricketers the stars have also started giving more importance to social media.

A number of Pakistan cricketers, especially the retired ones, have garnered millions of followers, likes, and subscribers on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Topping the chart is none other than the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

Imran Khan – 25 Million

It’s a no brainer that the Pakistani cricketer with most followers is Imran Khan. The 67-year-old has a massive fan base as he leads the way with a total of 25 million followers including 9.8 million on Facebook, 11.8 million on Twitter, and 3.4 million on Instagram.

Shahid Afridi – 10.7 Million

Imran Khan’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that he has more than double the number of followers than Pakistan’s heartthrob, Shahid Afridi, who has 10.7 million followers.


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His biggest fan base is on Facebook where he has 7.7 million followers. Next is Instagram where 1.7 million people are following him and 1.3 million Twitter users are also following him.

Saeed Ajmal & Wasim Akram – 7 Million

Legendary fast bowler, Wasim Akram, and magician spinner, Saeed Ajmal, both have a total of 7 million followers each on social media.

Surprisingly, Ajmal is as big a celebrity as the Sultan of Swing as he has amassed 4.7 million on Facebook, 2.1 million on Twitter, and 0.2 million on Instagram. Similarly, Wasim Akram has 1.7, 5.1, and 0.2 million on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Shoaib Akhtar – 5.4 Million

1.8 million people have liked Shoaib Akhtar’s Facebook page whereas 0.5 million people are following him on Instagram. The Rawalpindi Express’s biggest fan base is on Twitter with 3.1 million fans.

Shoaib Malik – 4.1 Million

Veteran all-rounder, Shoaib Malik, is next on the list with a total of 4.1 million followers. His numbers stand at 0.4 million, 2.5 million, and 1.2 million on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram respectively.

Ahmed Shehzad – 3.8 Million

The star opening batsman who has run out of favors with the national selectors, Ahmed Shehzad, has got a total of 3.8 million followers across three social media platforms. On Facebook, he has 1.1 million likes whereas 2.2 million and 0.5 million people follow his account on Twitter and Instagram respectively.

Mohammad Amir – 3 Million

Mohammad Amir, who was previously a mainstay of the Pakistani bowling line-up until he decided to retire from Test cricket, has 3 million followers across different social media accounts.

Sarfaraz Ahmed – 1.7 Million

Former Pakistan captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed has gained 1.7 million followers in total. He gained popularity especially after the Champions Trophy triumph ion 2017.

Here’s a summary:

Cricketer Social Media Platform
Overall Followers
Facebook  Twitter Instagram
Imran Khan 9.8 11.8 3.4 25M
Shahid Afridi 7.7 1.3 1.7 10.7M
Saeed Ajmal 4.7 2.1 0.2 7M
Wasim Akram 1.7 5.1 0.2 7M
Shoaib Akhtar 1.8 3.1 0.5 5.4M
Shoaib Malik 0.4 2.5 1.2 4.1M
Ahmed Shehzad 1.1 2.2 0.5 3.8M
Mohammad Amir 0.2 2.1 0.5 3M
Sarfaraz Ahmed 0.2 1.4 0.1 1.7M

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