Coronavirus Lockdown is Making People Obese: Study

With long-spanning lockdowns resulting in deteriorating routines and diets for many people around the world, the rate of obesity around the world had been on a gradual climb, as reported by a study.

As per reports by National Herald India, children aged between 5 and 11 years old are prone to putting on weight during the summer vacations as they stay at home. This hypothesis was reportedly the precursor for the current study that deals with studying if the lockdowns have had the same effects on them.


As a part of the study, 41 children and young teens were interviewed about their routine, circadian rhythm, diet, physical activity, and screen time. The data collected from the interviews of the sample was then compared to the similar data collected from the children and teens a year prior.

The results of the study unraveled a grim image of the children’s health, highlighting that they are likely to do worse in terms of weight control at home than if they had been going to schools and following a normal routine.

The sleeping hours increased by half an hour per day whereas the screen time increased by 4 to 5 hours per day. Plus, the food intake increased by an additional meal, whereas the physical activity decreased by 2 hours per week.

Pertaining to the study, Co-author Mr. Myles Faith from the University at Buffalo in the US  had this to say:

Children and teens struggling with obesity are placed in an unfortunate position of isolation that appears to create an unfavourable environment for maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviours. Depending on the duration of the lockdown, the excess weight gained may not be easily reversible and might contribute to obesity during adulthood if healthier behaviours are not re-established. This is because childhood and adolescent obesity tend to track over time and predict weight status as adults.