PUBG Mobile Adds Pakistani Servers

Battle royale shooter sensation PUBG Mobile has been immensely popular in Pakistan since its release in 2018. The free to play mobile game attracted millions of players during its first week of debut and has been going strong ever since. Last month, the game became the highest grossing mobile game once again, with more than $226 million in user spending.


At the moment, Pakistani players opt for European servers or Singapore servers to get better connections in the game. Often times these connections aren’t the best and end up resulting in laggy connections, making it a lot harder to play.

This problem will soon be solved as PUBG Corp has launched official Pakistani servers for local players. The announcement comes from PUBG Mobile’s official Facebook page that posted a picture announcing that new Pakistani servers have been launched.

As the image says, the launch of these servers should ensure smoother connections with latency as low as 40-50ms.

Additionally, this could also mean that Pakistani servers will soon be added for PUBG PC and console as well. Fingers crossed.


    • It’s already start working, I am getting 40ms in Middle East and 60 to 80ms in Europe since last 6 or 7 days.

  • You are late bro it’s already working and since last week we are getting 44 to 50 pings!

  • That’s really great news, now my brothers &sisters can play happily ever after.
    Thanks pubg we love you

  • Bruh
    We have been getting the same pong in Fortnite on middle Eastern Server for like a year and with PTCL

  • And here LHC is banning PUBG. Well, we are a nation of extraordinary amount of authoritative retards

  • Its already working. Already getting 35 to 90 ping on all main servers. On Europe I am getting less than 50. On Middle east 50 and on Asia i am getting 75 to 100 ping.

      • Pakistan server me release hua hai na… India army ki skin lagane ki aukaat nai hai tumhari

    • Haan sahi kaha uss mai 1 star ho aur orange , white aur green uniform ho aur hath mai Chai Pakri ho aur Back prr Likha ho : ” The Tea is Fantastic”. Phir perfect skin baneygi.

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