PK-8303 Crash Report Identifies the Culprit Behind Karachi Aircraft Crash [Update]

Update: The Aviation Division has categorically denied releasing the preliminary investigation report on the fatal crash of Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) flight PK-8303 to media. It said that all the stories on news channels and social media are incorrect as the division had not publicized the investigation work.

The spokesperson of the Aviation Division, Abdul Sattar Khokhar, issued a brief statement refuting the news report on the national tragedy, putting all the blame on the captain of the doomed PIA flight.

Media friends are informed that couple of TV channels have been referring to a report regarding crash of PIA flight PK-8303. No such report has been issued by the Aviation Division.

He said that the report being circulated on various TV channels is not from an authentic source.


PK-8303 Crash Report Identifies the Culprit Behind Karachi Aircraft Crash

Earlier, several news channels had run the story citing sources that the Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan has presented the initial report to Prime Minister Imran Khan, part of which has been released or leaked to media.

The Aviation Minister, on the other hand, confirmed receiving the interim report as per the commitment. It will be released in the due course along with reports of other incidents that occurred in the past.

The initial inquiry report of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ill-fated aircraft PK-8303 has held the captain responsible for the fatal crash that killed at least 97 people on May 22.

According to sources, the report presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday blamed the pilot’s negligence for the deadly crash.

The Aviation Division’s investigators, in collaboration with the French investigation team, compiled the initial inquiry report and handed it over to the division.


PK-8303 Crash: Govt Asks CAA to Explain Letter to PIA About Pilot’s Conduct

The report is based on the pilot’s conversation with the air traffic controller (ATC), the Mayday call, flight data records, CCTV footage of the landing, and the cockpit voice recorder data, among other things. Further details from the report are awaited.

Aviation Minister Fulfills the Promise

The Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, had announced during an assembly session that the preliminary report will be published within a month. Living up to his commitment, the minister briefed PM Imran on the investigation report, likely to be released for the public later.

CAA Blames Captain for Crash

On June 3, when the investigations were in place, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had highlighted several violations made by the captain. The report of the Additional Director Operations of CAA had revealed that the pilot of the Airbus A320 had ignored several instructions of the air traffic controller (ATC).


PK-8303 Crash’s Investigation Scope Increased by AAIB

It said that the plane was at a high altitude before its approach point, and the ATC had warned the pilot about it. The aircraft was at 3,500 feet at four nautical miles that are considered high from the approach profile.

Moreover, the aircraft was flying at 250 knots before landing, which is higher than the required acceleration. The air traffic controller had warned the captain twice and asked him to turn the aircraft 180 degrees besides maintaining the needed altitude, but the instructions were ignored completely.

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  • Culprit? Are you serious?
    What kind of captions you do come up with?
    Even if it was partly or mostly the pilot’s fault, he is NOT a culprit! This was not some scheme or conspiracy neither was he a criminal.
    Do you guys even think before posting….

  • You guys seriously need a better editor, what do you mean by culprit, it can be human error, it can be said as responsible but not culprit.

  • Oo anni deyo mazak ay !!!
    Raza Rizvi agar apko tofeeq hoo too ek bar Culprit ka meaning google kar lena !!

  • I think the air traffic controller (ATC), is equally responsible who allowed the pilot to land although had highlighted several violations made by the captain. Is there any SOPs for the ATC to follow while allowing any aircraft for landing. Has it followed all these SOPs before allowing the pilot to land. Since the Pilot is no more there therefore the scapegoat is now Pilot and all the ATC staff is cleared. What is pity

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