Army Successfully Tests Pakistan-Made Automatic Grenade Launcher

Pakistan Army has successfully tested an Automatic Grenade Launcher named PAK-40, further consolidating the country’s defensive capabilities.

What makes the latest addition unique is the fact that it is indigenously developed at Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF).


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PAK-40 weighs around 41 Kgs and has a range of 2,200 meters. The launcher fires 40mm grenades with a radius of 10 meters and is capable of firing multiple types of grenades.

The automatic launcher can operate in temperatures ranging from 55C to -24C, meaning it can perform effectively in the arduous terrain of the Cholistan desert and the unforgiving Siachen glacier.


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The launcher can be equipped with night vision and thermal sights as well, making it a perfect weapon to use in military operations at night and adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, PAK-40 can be easily mounted on vehicles or helicopters and requires a small team to operate it.

  • loser tech, old technology… good for only supportive fire. need 50,000 units to make a difference. but range is good.

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