Mevris: Home Automation is the Innovative Future

Home automation or Smart Home Technology is the control and activation of your home even when you are away, through smart devices, touch, or sensors. This technology allows you to automate your home and control every small or big aspect of it.

The idea of home automation is not a very old one, but is gaining massive traction in a short time. Mevris – from the popular home appliances brand Orient – has always been heavily conscious of how fast and beneficially technology has been moving, and exploring innovative ways to make it common for every Pakistani.

When the company first introduced the Mevris app, it worked at energy consciousness and saving through Orient air conditioners. The app has now evolved and encompasses all air conditioner brands and has been working as a personal assistant for the elderly, the disabled, and the common man who wants efficient and smart work with the lowered costs.

Home Automation through Mevris: What’s New?

After the massive success of Mevris, its IoT journey has now moved forward another step. Bill Gates started building his Smart Home in 1988 and finished in 2005. But, you don’t have to be a billionaire or wait 17 years for your smart home now!

Mevris is introducing smart switches, the answer to all your home and device automation wishes now! Yes, you read it right. Just connect to your smart switches wirelessly through voice, chat, the app, or just your smartphone!

Manage all your connected appliances by scheduling run-times and save energy while also receiving usage reports and timelines.

Mevris Smart Switches: Everything to Know!

To start off, Mevris is currently offering three switches:

  • 1-Gang Switch
  • 2-Gang Switch
  • 3-Gang Switch

The switches, along with home-automation, also serve to provide you the maximum security possible. They connect only to your authorized Wi-Fi connection and also protect your home against electricity fluctuations and sudden voltage drops. Mevris Smart Switches come with mechanically tactile buttons that are highly sensitive to touch and allow easy operation on all ends.

Drop-In Easy Installation

While the smart switches should be your first choice if you are building your dream home, office, or any new building, Mevris has made sure that they are easy to install in place of your old switches as well.

With drop-in installation, just simply replace your old switches with the new ones without changing or configuring anything at all!

The LED indicators combined with the Scan and Connect option available for all devices on Mevris make the installation and connection of switches a very short process. Evolve to your smart home in a matter of minutes through Mevris Smart Switches now and make sure that you can completely control each and every aspect of your home successfully!

  • These guys need to hire some proper Developers and UX Designers. The current application looks aged, is full of bugs and doesn’t work most of the time.

  • It’s a very amateurish attempt at IOT. The hardware and software have nearly zero functionality and full of bugs. In 2 weeks of using their “smart” AC, Mevris app never managed to send any command.

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