Oxford Study Exposes British Media’s Attempt to Malign Pakistan

Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Syed Zulfi Bukhari, has exposed the hatchet job done by a section of the United Kingdom’s media.

A number of prominent dailies and media outlets including the Telegraph, the Sun, and Daily Mail recently claimed that more than half of imported COVID-19 cases in the UK came from Pakistan, putting the lives of 1.5 million British-Pakistanis at risk.


The Telegraph

On 26th June, the Telegraph ran a story titled ‘Exclusive: Half of UK’s imported Covid-19 infections are from Pakistan‘ terming Pakistan a high-risk country, saying the experts have warned the government to tighten the restrictions.

The Sun

On 27th June, another leading daily, the Sun, published a story with the title ‘Half of UK imported coronavirus cases ‘originate from Pakistan’ amid calls for tougher checks on ‘high risk countries’’.

Daily Mail

DailyMail also published a story titled ‘Half of Britain’s imported coronavirus cases in June came from Pakistan, data suggests amid calls for tougher quarantine checks from ‘high-risk’ countries‘. Since the start of June, 30 out of the 60 imported cases in the UK are from Pakistan, the daily reported.

Taking to Twitter, Zulfi Bukhari, posted some figures and facts from a recent publication by the University of Oxford which contradicts the allegations leveled by media outlets against British-Pakistanis.

The key conclusions of the study titled ‘Preliminary Analysis of SARS-COV-2 Importation and Establishment of UK Transmission Lineages’ are as follows:

  • UK’s coronavirus epidemic had at least 1,356 origins.
  • UK’s epidemic has resulted from a very large number of separate importations.
  • UK’s epidemic was largely initiated by travel from Italy in late-February, Spain in early-to-mid March, and France in mid-to-late March.

Although the last point in itself is an explanation, Pakistan’s airspace was closed mid-March, meaning that no one was allowed to enter or exit the country during the travel ban.


This UK Study About 2.2 Million COVID Deaths in Pakistan is Wrong

Pakistan’s first case was reported at the end of February and by that time the UK had quite a few infections and imported cases from different countries. The country-wise importation chart also negates the newspapers’ claim that Pakistan had a lot to do with UK’s imported COVID-19 cases.

BBC itself had reported that there were over 1300 patient zero who started the epidemic in the UK thus raising question marks on the authenticity of earlier claims.

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