Samsung Claims Their 90Hz AMOLED is Comparable to 120Hz LCDs

High refresh rate displays have become more common in smartphones lately, especially in the flagship bracket. We started off at 90Hz with the OnePlus 7 Pro and now we even have several brands offering 144Hz. While Samsung has 120Hz refresh rate panels on its latest flagships, we might start seeing more 90Hz panels on the company’s cheaper phones.

Samsung has developed a new 90Hz OLED panel that is optimized for high-speed motion. The Korean phone maker claims that its new 90Hz OLED panel is just as good as 120Hz LCDs.

A global certification company SGS has corroborated this claim. Saying that the blue length or image drag Samsung’s 90Hz and 120Hz OLEDs is 0.9mm and 0.7mm respectively. The response time on these displays is recorded as 14ms and 11ms respectively.

SGS’s evaluation also shows that Samsung’s 90Hz OLED panel has one-fifth the image drag of a standard 90Hz LCD and the same as a 120Hz LCD. Additionally, the image drag of a Samsung 120Hz OLED panel is one third compared to a 120Hz LCD panel.

This is due to the fundamental difference between LCD and OLED screens. Since OLED screens do not have liquid crystal, it helps them achieve faster response times through fast electron mobility. This also results in a more natural-looking display.

There is no word on when we’ll start seeing these 90Hz OLED panels on smartphones but more information is likely to surface soon. Stay tuned.