EU Lifts PIA Flight Ban Temporarily

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has allowed Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to continue flight operations to and from Europe till 3 July.

Yesterday, EASA announced a ban on PIA for the next 6 months. The initially announced ban was set to come into effect from today, 1 July. However, PIA has been granted respite from the EASA.


European Union Bans PIA from Operating Flights in Member States

According to reports, Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Sohail Mahmood has played a key role in urging EASA to allow PIA to continue flight operations in Europe till July 3.

The spokesperson for PIA Abdullah Khan has also confirmed that the national carrier has been permitted to land and fly over European states until 3 July.

PIA’s flights to the UK will continue to operate as scheduled, Khan added.

EASA has also granted Pakistan the right to appeal against the decision blocking PIA from entering its aerial jurisdiction.


PIA Reduces Air Ticket Prices for All Domestic Flights

In this regard, PIA’s administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Pakistani ambassadors to the European Union are in contact with EASA to address its concerns and reverse the 6-month ban.

PIA has asked all ticket holders to either apply for a full refund or extend their bookings for a later date, suggesting the ban will resume after 3 July.

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