TCL Miracle Series DC Inverter AC Unboxing & Review

Breaking away from our usual Smartphone and laptop reviews, today we are bringing to you something different. We got a TCL Miracle Series DC Inverter AC and decided to review it and give you our first impressions.

The 1.5 ton AC arrived in two separate boxes, one for the outdoor unit, and one for the indoor unit. The box for the indoor unit contains cables, paperwork, a warranty card, a remote control, and the indoor unit itself which is slightly larger than standard 1.5 ton ACs. It was unboxed and set up entirely by TCL workers.

TCL 1.5 Ton Full DC Inverter AC | Miracle TAC18T3G

The build of the AC is entirely plastic and there is a gold strip on each side and a minimalist LED display. This DC inverter AC is able to adjust its power intput based on the amount of cooling needed. Once the temperature of the room drops down to the desired number, the AC cuts down its power usage to maintain that level cooling.

If the AC is turned off and the room temperature rises again, power consumption is increased to get faster cooling until the room temperature lowers again. But keeping the AC at 25 or 26 is still recommended as that temperature is ideal for power consumption and cooling.

The remote control has all the standard functions including a power button, temperature adjustment, different cooling mods, fan adjustments, and a “Gen” button for increased power efficiency.

As for the cooling, the air output is wide and has long range and only takes 10 minutes to cool a small room. The air itself feels very close to natural and the AC is able to adjust the air output based on the room’s needs. All of this is due to the AI feature built-into the machine.

The TCL Miracle Series DC Inverter AC is available for Rs 80,000 in Pakistan but can be grabbed for cheaper if deals are available.

  • A DC inverter AC review without covering cooling performance and, most importantly, power consumption? What’s the point then?

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