Javed Afridi Working on Starting a PSL-Like Football League

Javed Afridi, the owner of PSL team Peshawar Zalmi and the CEO of Haier Pakistan wants to start a PSL-like franchise football league in Pakistan. Javed Afridi, in a tweet said that the talks with various bodies are ongoing for a franchise football league and asked other organisations to come forward to add value to the concept.

Some football experts in Pakistan were not happy with the news as they feel that franchise-based football leagues have not been a successful model, they instead want the league to be held in a promotion/relegation format.

Earlier in the week, Pakistan Football Federation appointed Daniel Limones of Spain as its technical director. Limones, a UEFA Pro License coach, was associated with Spanish La Liga giants Club Atletico de Madrid and had been working with the club’s academy in Lahore as head coach. Announcing Daniel Limones’ appointment, Humza Khan, the chairman of the PFF committee, said that they were “looking to set a road map for the revival of football in Pakistan”.

Things do look bright for the future of football in Pakistan as famous personalities such as Javed Afridi are showing a keen interest in the sport. Only time will tell how fruitful these steps would be.

  • PSL is managed by PCB not by one person. If Javed Afridi will own the complete league then one Businessman will have a complete Monopoly over one sports. Anyway Javaid Afridi is a stooge of establishment, a potential future PM and a beloved friend of Imran Khan. So all is well for him and no one will question him.

  • Completely agree with Umaid’s stance. Nowhere in the world has this model been used except for India (where they already have a functioning Premier League) and this franchise tournament is of a secondary nature. Yes, it has its benefits of attracting some international foreign players for game promotion but they grassroots infrastructure in the country is in shambles and that’s where the money is required. At the grassroots level. Make the Pakistan Premier League functional, invest in those clubs and the results will automatically come. Even an extremely below-par structure of PPL gave showed us some talent like Kaleemullah, Adil, Saadullah etc. We just need to be more consistent with it, the results will come automatically. Invest in trainers, coaches and ground facilities first.

  • I think differently and it’s understandable solution+quick football Pakistan development process no one should do politics in these terms please
    People should understand the mater’s and for this we should contact the senior players legends players and for this I can help you and we have international Pakistan football players+ veteran community you all are well come for football developments plans and above plans as well,

  • It is a very good news for all football players. Imagine the amount of viewership this guy can bring in and this will truly bring out our young talent’s potential.
    We should refrain from politicizing this. I am deeply linked with local level football as I have played in national league level. Trust me, the PFF and the current organizers are extremely corrupt. We need this new change for the betterment of Pakistan Football.

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