Punjab Govt. to Regulate Private Schools With New Legislation

Punjab government will soon introduce new legislation to regulate private educational institutions in the province that will primarily restrain them from increasing the fees on unjustified grounds.

Punjab Schools Education Minister, Dr. Murad Raas, revealed this during the question hour session on the school education department in the Punjab Assembly on Monday.


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According to Dr. Murad, once signed into law, the new legislation will accord protection to parents against the exorbitant fee hikes and will cover uniforms, books, harassment, and other issues in private institutions.

While lamenting the incident of harassment in Lahore Grammar School, the Minister said that there is no law currently in the province that authorizes education ministry to initiate legal proceedings against anyone involved in harassment in private schools.

At present, my ministry has no legal authority to take action against a teacher of a private institution. However, the new law will permit us to take action on any issue pertaining to private institutions in accordance with the law.

Had there been a similar law enforced in the province during previous tenures, teachers involved in harassment incidents would have ended up behind the bars instead of merely tendering an apology, Dr. Murad said.


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He criticized the PML-N government for leaving the matter of harassment in school campuses unattended and lauded the PTI government for taking action on such a critical issue.

He added that the Punjab government has also drafted a bill to prevent the publication of hateful content. The bill will allow the ministry to initiate legal action against publishers involved in printing material deemed as provocative.

Besides, Dr. Murad said that the executive order for the 20% reduction in fees of private schools and colleges will remain enacted until the Coronavirus outbreak in Punjab is controlled completely.

  • Dont whine. Enact the law with retrospective effect. I am sure no court will strike it down. Do something substantive instead of playing to the gallery.

    • This govt will distroy the private school also.my question to minister is that have you made a single change in govt school from last two years.30 percents govt do not have wash rooms and 70 percent school do not have clean water to drink.are those kids not human.

  • Improve Government schools first, show example than talk. Nill policy, Nill implementation, will do this will do that, Government have negative impact on society instead of improvement.

  • Government should improve Government schools first. No any policy about advance education , Nill implementation, will do this will do that, Government have negative impact on society instead of improvement.

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