Pakistan Army Helped Govt Control the Coronavirus: Washington Post

The civil-military collaboration in Pakistan in the fight against coronavirus has received global recognition as the international media is now praising the country’s approach against the pandemic.

A leading US daily, ‘The Washington Post’ has published a detailed report on how the coronavirus patients in Pakistan have reduced sharply due to civil-military joint efforts.

According to the newspaper, two months ago, there were very few COVID-19 cases in Pakistan. In view of this situation, the authorities relaxed the restrictions so that people could shop for Eid ul Fitr. However, the consequences of this decision were felt within the next few weeks as the country’s hospitals were filled with coronavirus patients.


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Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has been contesting the idea of a nationwide crackdown, introduced a smart lockdown policy targetting specific coronavirus hotspots. To control the situation, the Prime Minister sought the army’s assistance.

Pakistan Army’s involvement in logistics, security, and surveillance helped flatten the curve. The involvement of the army in the war against the novel virus increased both manpower and authority.

The paper has maintained that the civil and military officials meet regularly at the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) forum. Troops assist in enforcing local lockdowns and ISI is conducting surveillance to improve contact tracing efforts.


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It noted that the past few weeks have seen a significant drop in daily deaths and new cases. Despite this positive situation, the authorities are worried about Eid ul Adha in the coming days.

They fear that the public will abandon face masks and social distancing measures when buying sacrificial animals and slaughtering them, which could cause another spike. Therefore, the government has ordered strict implementation of SOPs in all areas.