United Bravo Gets Massive Price Hike Making It More Expensive Than Alto & Pearl

The automotive industry has been walking on the edge of a spear, ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus back in March. The seized production and sales became a serious threat to each automaker’s foothold in the market. Then, as soon as the lockdowns eased up and the operations restarted, the government announced the 2020 budget, which sent all the automakers in panic mode, leading them to increase the prices of their cars.

The most recent entrant into the club of price-hikers, is United Motors (Pvt) Ltd. The company has only one car in their lineup, namely, the Bravo, which is a sub-compact hatchback that was launched back in September of 2018.


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The car began life as an economy hatchback, with the goal to beat the likes of Suzuki Mehran and other sub-compact hatchbacks in the market. The price tag was set aptly as well, as it started from Rs. 850,000 when it came out. However, the car’s price has been revised 4 times since then, with the most recent revision bumping up the price by Rs. 2.4 Lacs, bringing it up to a rather steep Rs. 1,199,000.

The car now rivals the Suzuki Alto and the Prince Pearl. The Alto VX is priced at Rs. 1,198,000, which is still a thousand Rupees less than a Bravo. Though if you opt for a better variant, it can still go up to an absurd 16 Lac Rupees. Whereas the Prince Pearl, which is, arguably, better in terms of looks, features and build quality, is priced much lower than the Bravo, at just Rs. 1,150,000, despite its recent price hike of 1 Lac Rupees.


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The Bravo has received a polarizing reaction from the get-go, with a lot of its owners complaining about the built quality and the overall design of the car, despite its range of features and affordable price when it was new and competing with Mehran.

But now, with the car over-arching into the “Alto” territory of overpricing, it is almost certain to become an unlikely choice in a market full of Alto’s, Pearls and other imported sub-compact hatchbacks.

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  • We hoped IK would change this. But no improvement. Probably it would take more than 2 decades for us to be on par with the world.

  • I think United Motors (Pvt) Ltd wants to run away as Bravo was already not selling well.

  • I thing in ko marketing (sales staff ) acha ni mila orna hi ya gari ki parmotion kar saka

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