PCB Chairman’s Allowances Gather Spotlight Once Again

In Pakistan, everyone has their eyes on the perks enjoyed by top officials in private, public, and autonomous organizations. This time around, it’s the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB Chairman who is making headlines for enjoying extravagant allowances.

Although the post of a Chairman is honorary, it has its perks and many dream of sitting in the coveted chair. As per a report by Cricket Pakistan, following are the benefits enjoyed by a PCB Chairman:

  • Fully furnished residence
  • Three domestic maids
  • Landline
  • Cellular phone
  • Internet
  • Cable television
  • Driver and complete car maintenance
  • Medical
  • First-class travel
  • Five-star accommodation on tours

In addition, there are daily allowances for international and domestic travel. The Chairman enjoys a daily allowance of $400 on a tour to the UK, $300 on other international tours, and Rs. 10,000 on domestic tours.


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Rs. 100,000 is offered as a monthly allowance for residence in a fully furnished house provided by the board. Between July 2019 to June 2020, Ehsan Mani has spent a massive Rs. 4,024,260 on his residence in Lahore, which translates to a monthly expenditure of Rs. 335,000. The report states that no other chairman has spent this much amount on residence in the past 7-8 years.

The PCB Chairman has also received Rs. 1,458,374 for furniture in line with the newly introduced policy of Rs. 2,000,000 as an allowance for furniture. The furniture is the property of PCB and the amount can only be received once in a Chairman’s 3-year term.

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