Enjoy Safe And Hassle-Free Transactions With UBL Digital Banking

Being amidst the pandemic’s peak, none of us feels safe stepping outside the safety of our homes for basic chores. Locked down, we have realized how needless it was to go out and get the things done that we can easily do sitting in the comfort of our room using just our smartphone or computer.

Among other things that we have been used to doing in-person are banking and paying bills. While the virus restrictions have moved many of us online for shopping for groceries and other things, digital banking has also seen a sharp spike in use since the virus lockdowns began. The result has been an increased trust of the Pakistani masses on digital banking and payments.

UBL, one of Pakistan’s leading financial institutions, has been helping customers make safe and hassle-free transactions during the lockdown using its digital banking platforms. Besides net banking, UBL’s Digital App is enabling users to check account balance, make safe & secure money transfers, pay utility bills, purchase mobile top-ups, and do a lot more with just a few clicks and taps on the smartphone.

Also the in-app cheque & Debit card management features provide the convenience where there is no need to visit a branch to get a new cheque book/Debit card or to wait for a message to get the cheque status. Now simply request for a cheque book or Debit card, activate it and review the status straight from the app.

On top of all the features, UBL’s Digital App is considered one of the safest and most trusted apps that eliminates all hassles related to conventional banking.

Psychological manipulation or social engineering

Form Nigerian email scams to calls from pretend army colonels or banking agents, Pakistanis have seen all kinds of social engineering and lost considerable funds to these scams. Such phishing and call spoofing attempts are highly sophisticated and exploit your natural human inclination to trust.

The calls are typically made by masking the official helpline or registered number of banks to make the customers believe they’re authentic. As the banking customer shares their OTP/User name/Password/ATM pin with the impostor, he easily moves money online through the customer’s bank account.

Even the safest of net banking platforms and mobile apps like are not always safe against such engineered scams, so banks are constantly cautioning their customers to stay alert and protected against any potential harm. In this regard, UBL regularly sends emails and SMSs both in Urdu and English to educate people on different types of banking scams.

Educating customers about preventing possible risks

UBL has also designed and put in place a number of internal trainings to train its staff and have executed several social media campaigns to educate customers about possible risks of fraud. Since it’s hard to tell the real from the fake when it comes to scamming attempts employing social engineering, UBL is walking the extra mile to apprise people of the risks.

What the customers must learn is that a bank will never ask for any personal detail such as OTP (which is kind of your digital signature), username, password, PIN, etc. So, you should never share any such information even if the caller claims that they are from the bank. Although the number and the caller might sound genuine, they would be potential scammers if they asked for your confidential account information.

What such social engineering-based scamming events teach us is the hard fact that humans are known to be the weakest link in the security chain who accept a person or scenario at face value. For criminals, social engineering is an easier way of extracting crucial information than hacking into your bank account or digital devices.

UBL Digital app for safe digital banking

The UBL Digital app provides security and peace of mind with its comprehensive digital payments’ solution. It is user-friendly and offers highly convenient customer boarding besides a ton of features including, but not limited to, easy access and control of your personal information, password-protected account statement, ability to pay credit card bills, request/activate cheque books and debit cards, and more.

Through digital transformation, especially in current times, banking is now on your fingertips and has become quite easy to perform financial tasks within the comfort of your home.