PIA Cabin Crew to Undergo Mandatory Alcohol Test Before Flights

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has made it mandatory for its cabin crew to undergo a “Breathalyzer” test in order to determine the level of alcohol in blood before allowing them to undertake flight operations.

The national carrier has enforced the order in an attempt to deter the cabin crew from consuming alcohol before flight operations. The latest directive comes into effect immediately.


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According to the official notification, PIA’s cabin crew will be required to take the Breathalyzer test before every flight.

Here is a copy of the official notification.

A flight surgeon, a medical officer, or ground staff under the supervision of a flight surgeon will carry out the Breathalyzer test at the cabin crew’s briefing rooms.

In this regard, PIA’s cabin crew has been directed to ensure compliance with the latest directives and extend complete cooperation with medical teams.


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The national carrier will initiate disciplinary action against the employees that are found to have increased blood alcohol levels before flight operations.

Earlier this month, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had warned cabin crew of all airlines against smoking during flights as the act is punishable by revocation of the licenses.

CAA had issued this warning after receiving multiple complaints about the violation of in-flight smoking laws by the cabin crew.