Nayatel Partners with to Launch NMX Bajao

Nayatel has launched NMX Bajao – a music streaming channel to promote Pakistani Artists Music all day long. This is going to be a new music channel addition in Pakistan after more than a decade.

In a partnership with, Nayatel has introduced the channel to promote the Pakistani music industry and provide a platform to young musicians to show their talent to the masses.

With multitudes of music content available online without proper licenses, Nayatel and aim to provide copyrighted and licensed music to Nayatel’s users.

The channel will have 24-hour streaming of vibrant folk music, 80s/90s music, pop songs, concerts, recently released music videos, and Pakistani films music.

In light of the rising tensions of cross borders, all Indian content was removed from NMX channels as per the instructions of the Government.

However, Nayatel believes that Pakistani Artists are equally and in some niches, more talented than any other talents available across the globe. Keeping in view the company’s beliefs, the latest endeavor aims to provide Pakistani talents seamless & authentic entertainment.

The channel will be available to all customers subscribed to video services of Nayatel


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