Tania Aidrus Resigns Over Dual Nationality Criticism

Special Assitant to Prime Minister (SAPM), Tania Aidrus, has resigned from her position. The former Google Executive shared the news in a Twitter post, citing criticism behind her dual nationality as the reason for her decision.

For those who don’t know, she holds Canadian nationality and it has been a constant talking point for journalists and anchors in the mainstream as well as social media.

I always was and shall be a Pakistani.

Tania Aidrus will, however, continue to aid Imran Khan in his vision, she said in her tweet.

Criticism levied towards the state as a consequence of my citizenship status is clouding the purpose of Digital Pakistan. In the greater public interest, I have submitted my resignation from the SAPM role. I will continue to serve my country and the PM’s vision to my best ability.

In her resignation letter, Tania said:

I believe the recent discourse in the public sphere about my Canadian nationality, which is a consequence of my birth and not an acquisition of choice, is a distraction to my ability to execute on the long term vision for a Digital Pakistan. It is unfortunate that a Pakistani’s desire to to serve Pakistan is clouded by such issues.

Here’s what she posted:

Tania Aidrus was appointed as the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan in February according to terms of rule 4 of the Rules of Business 1973. She was earlier in the news for being on the board of directors alongside Jehangir Tareen for a not-for-profit company.

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  • She should not waste time in Pakistan it is useless many good graduate already going to other countries.

  • She made a good decision. We don’t deserve her. We are stuck in our own greed and jealous world.

    • Imran Khan has clearly stated in the past that Dual nationals cannot be sincere of Pakistan. That is why he had criticized the iqama of Nawaz Sharif and other patwaris and also bashed many consultants during PMLN time . So we should stand with the ideology of Imran Khan only. Imran Khan is clear on this issue for the last 20 years.

      • Is he really clear? So you didn’t remind him his “idealogy” when he was selecting these dual national advisors? He still has these dual nationals with him so what is his ideology you are standing with?

        Iqama is resident permit not nationality, he criticized it but did what is called… U turn master, Jho0ota, dhokay-baz, bay..

  • We, as Pakistanis, don’t deserve/want to be included in the list of civilized and developed countries. Thank you, Tania Aidrus for your efforts towards a Digital Pakistan but sadly we don’t deserve you.

    • MIT graduate Dr Saif, ex head of PITB is still in Pakistan and not a dual national. But yes he has worked with Shahbaz Sharif, so he should be treated as an Indian. Y0uthyas will bring the change 😂

      • Excuse me but let’s clear the propaganda !

        Saif is a Cambridge PhD ( no difficult task in 3 years.) He never graduated anything from MIT, where he was a postgraduate fellow, aka, lab assistant.

        Btw, can you name any of his Pakistan achievements besides spending poor public’s money ? What is the RoI ?

  • Problem was something else, She has some company registered in her name in February, 2020.
    Prime minister office wanted explanation…

  • if you start reacting on negative comments by negative people then you will not achieve any good. She should have resisted these people. Bunch of politicians are that important to her that she left her duty because of them.

  • She should surrender it Canadian passport , If she really passionate to work in Pakistan. otherwise all is hypocrisy.

  • I am sorry Tania these stupid politicians don’t understand you left a comfortable high paying job to serve country of your forefathers. All these people care about their personal interest over greater good for the country.

  • Why is Pakistan so behind, dual nationality means that there was no opportunity in Pakistan and she left to find a new country that will give her education and then this is how you treat her. With this thought process Pakistan will never advance… really who give a f*** if you have a second nationality all it matter what you are bringing to the country

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