FIA to Identify People Involved in Issuing Dubious Pilot Licenses

The Aviation Division has forwarded the cases of five officials suspended for their involvement in issuing dubious licenses to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The intel agency has been involved to identify the IT experts involved in the examination scam.

The Aviation Division has written a letter to the FIA director general seeking assistance in the identification of the CAA’s licensing branch officials and IT professionals and people allegedly responsible for pilots clearing exams through proxies so that criminal proceedings could be started against them.


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An aviation division team will hold a session with FIA experts to brief them regarding the case.

The development came on the directives of the Supreme Court for departmental action against the CAA officials on the issue of dubious licenses.

Following the court orders, the civil aviation authority opted for a zero-tolerance policy and suspended everyone who was suspected in the pilots’ exam scandal.

He added that even those who had appeared in the exam on pilots’ rest day or hacked the examination system will not be spared.


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A CAA official said that those who appeared in the exam despite being on flying duty will also be held accountable.

The Apex Court had ordered the CAA DG to clear the mess within 15 days.

Spare no one and remove all delinquents even if the CAA chief has to build the organization afresh.

The aviation division has also formed a five-member committee to investigate the cases. The committee is to submit its report today.

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