FICA’s Survey Reveals Shocking Player Opinions About Test Cricket

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations has released its second annual report for Men’s cricket after surveying 277 professional cricketers from around the globe.

The cricketers were asked to opine on some of the most relevant issues around the gentleman’s game. The survey was conducted among players who are part of player associations of different countries that are members of FICA.

Here are the findings of the report:

Most Important Format

82% of the cricketers believe that Test cricket is the most important format of the game.

Not Enough Tests

A majority of the professional cricketers (58%) think that more Tests should be played. Currently, the number of games played is far less than it should be.

Day/Night Tests

55% of the players say that day/night Tests shouldn’t be mandatory on a tour.

4-Day Tests

A vast majority of cricketers i.e. 76% are against the idea of 4-day Tests.


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Promotion/Relegation in Test Championship

82% cricketers think that teams should be promoted and relegated based on their performance in World Test Championship.

Most Important Event

Contrary to the belief of a majority of Indians who think IPL is the most important global event, 86% of professional cricketers consider the Cricket World Cup as the pinnacle event in the world of cricket.

Number of Teams in World Cup

Cricketers have also opposed the idea of 10 teams in the mega event. 55% of the survey respondents think there should be more teams in the Cricket World Cup.


53% of the respondents have expressed concerns regarding their employment.

Indian Cricketers in Other Leagues

Professional cricketers have also expressed their desire to see Indian stars in leagues other than the Indian Premier League as well.

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