Apple iPad Pro 2020 is Just as “Durable” as 2018 Version [Video]

The last iPad Pro (2018) failed miserably on JerryRigEverythig’s durability test and now the second-generation iPad Pro (2020) has made rounds at Zack’s YouTube channel. Unfortunately, not much has changed, indicating that Apple’s focus on the new iPad was once again, not the durability.


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The tablet shattered in Zacks’s hands with the very first bend, destroying the display as well as the slate itself. Thankfully, however, the new iPad Pro comes with a Magic Keyboard Case and although it comes with a hefty $300 price tag, it can turn the tablet into a laptop and significantly add to the durability as well.

With the magnetic keyboard case on, the iPad Pro 2020 is quite sturdy, but also three times heavier, so the trade off may not make sense for most people.

The keyboard case is made out of plastic so it doesn’t scratch the iPad’s display once it is closed. The iPad itself is made entirely out of metal and the glass screen scratches like any other recent flagship smartphone. Apple is once again advertising the glass around the main camera to be Saphhire although it is not the case since it scratches the same way the front glass does.

Overall, the iPad Pro 2020 is still a fragile device, and using a protective case is highly recommended.

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