Senior Journalist Stirs Controversy After Sarfaraz Becomes Water Boy

Cricket has seen some of the greatest players take water for the batsmen in the middle when they were not in the playing XI. Ricky Ponting, Virat Kohli, Graeme Smith, and Sir Donald Bradman have all done it, however, a senior journalist, Abdul Majid Bhatti, didn’t like the fact that Sarfaraz Ahmed was asked to do that.

Sarfaraz Ahmed is now in the elite company despite the fact that he doesn’t boast the same numbers as the legends mentioned above. Bringing water for a player on the crease by a former captain is considered a disgrace in a country like Pakistan when legends have been doing it in the past without anyone questioning.


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Here’s what the senior journalist wrote in his post:

To further explain why bringing water is not a bad thing, Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, also acted as a water boy in a practice match between Prime Minister’s XI and Sri Lanka in 2019.

The internet, however, is divided with some saying the management should not have done it, while others are quoting examples from the past to justify the move.

Sarfaraz has set a great precedent.

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Feature Writer

  • I hate this mentality of Pakistanis. What is wrong in doing these things?. No task is shameful. I clean my own office space and I have no shame in it. I have lived in Europe and we clean our houses and we feel no shame in doing daily tasks. If he is bringing water and accessories for his team then it is a part of Team Work. There is nothing wrong in being humble. Your post don’t make you a King. You are humanbeing just like others.

  • A typical villager mentality is portayed by a Journalist that a “Chaudhary should act as a Chaudhary”. These journalists who are fanning this must be banned because of their small mentality. World has progressed a lot. In America and Europe you will find billionaires going around on bicycles and even cleaning the roads. There is no shame in helping your team mate. Ego is the biggest enemy of human being and everyone must understand that. Be humble and help each other. Logon kay kaam karnay say koi Bara chota nahin ho jata.

  • imran khan phone kar ke bole ga misbah ko ke Fawad ko kheloye final 11 mein toh misbah mana kare ga? That mean only one thing that imran khan also don’t want Fawad in the final team. Bcoz there is no merit. Fawad 10 bar be 0 pe out hojaye koi baat nai jab azhar ali ko cororon chance mil sakhte hai toh fawad ko kiyon nai.

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