Qualcomm Wants to Do Business With Huawei Despite US Ban

Huawei has harbored ambitions to become the largest smartphone maker for as long as we remember. In June this year, the Chinese tech giant, despite the ongoing global pandemic, managed to dethrone Samsung and become the largest smartphone maker globally.


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Considering this, a number of US companies that have been prohibited from carrying out business with Huawei have been understandably uneasy. Many companies including Intel, Micron, and Xilinx have reasoned with the government since the organizations were looking at billions of dollars loss by not doing business with Huawei.

Now, the US chipset maker Qualcomm is lobbying with the US government to allow it to supply Huawei with chips for its 5G smartphones. According to a recent report by the wall street journal, Qualcomm states that the ban has not prevented Huawei from making a mark in the tech industry, rather has proved as a setback for American companies and is driving billions of dollars of possible US sales to foreign chipset makers like Samsung and MediaTek.


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Qualcomm argues that there could be a “rapid shift in 5G chipset market share,” considering the restriction placed on them and not on their rivals. The company wants to include Huawei as one of its customers.

The US government has already allowed Intel, Micron, and Xilinx to conduct business with Huawei. However, experts are unsure whether Qualcomm will make the cut or not.

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