Apple Sues a Small Company for “Copying” its Logo

The trillion-dollar giant Apple is suing a small kids meal planning company named Prepear, claiming that its pear-shaped logo is similar to the Apple logo and is hurting its business. According to Apple, the company is hurting its business despite not even being in the same line of operations.

The whole case seems pretty absurd considering how different the two logos look. Neither the shapes match nor the colors. Moreover, Prepear works in a completely different line of operation, as Apple accepted.

Calling out Apple, Prepear posted on its official Instagram account saying:

Recently @apple yes, The trillion-dollar Apple, has decided to oppose and go after our small business’ trademark saying our pear logo is too close to their apple logo and supposedly hurts their brand?

The small meal planning company also pointed out how Apple bullies’ other smaller businesses in a similar manner, especially if the branding is regarding a fruit logo. Hence the company is all in for legally fighting the giant and keeping its logo. It has already started a petition to ask for support from the public, garnering over 25,000 signatures already.


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We are not sure whether the small company will be able to stand against the Silicon Valley giant. However, this situation highlights how giants in any industry don’t let small businesses come forward using bullying tactics and it is extremely shameful for a tech giant like Apple going around suing small companies without any sensible reasoning. Its commendable that Prepear has taken a step to stand against it.

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