Toyota, Honda & Kia’s Car Sales Increase With Suzuki’s Massive Decline

The latest data released by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA) shows a 36% Month-On-Month (MoM) increase in car sales in July. A lot of this progress is due in large part to the eased lockdowns, while ensuring the abidance of safety protocols.

However, the Year on Year (YoY) sales, according to PAMA, are down by 8% in July 2020, with 11,501 cars having been sold in the month in total.

Toyota Indus Motor company (IMC) observed 68% YoY growth in their sales figures whereas Honda Atlas recorded 46% YoY increase. As for Pak-Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC), stats do not look promising, as their sales went down by 40% YoY.


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However, PSMC’s MoM sales did increase by 28% in July 2020. So did the sales of Honda and Toyota IMC, with both having observed a MoM sales increase by 28% and 60% respectively.

In other promising news, PAMA reports that Kia-Lucky Motors, which is not yet a member of the association, recorded a very strong sales figure in July 2020, having sold around 1,500 units during the month, as reported by PAMA’s sources.

In the bike segment, however, progress seems generally positive, with Atlas Honda alone reporting a 4% MoM growth and 17% YoY growth, whereas PSMC recording 11% MoM growth but a 21% YoY decline. PSMC’s decline is perhaps due to the significant and multiple price bumps that have been imposed by the company in the last few months.

Following is a complete snapshot of the MoM and YoY sales for FY 2020 as released by PAMA:

Units July 2020 July 2019 YoY MoM
Car Sales
Pak Suzuki 4,991 8,375 -40% 28%
Toyota Indus 4,043 2,413 68% 60%
Honda Atlas 2,467 1,694 46% 23%
Total 11,501 12,482 -8% 36%
2 & 3 Wheeler Sales
Atlas Honda 94,003 80,005 17% 4%
Pak Suzuki 1,282 1,614 -21% 11%
Sazgar Engineering 1,115 585 91% -50%
Others 52,124 30,892 69% -3%
Total 148,524 113,096 31% 1%


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PAMA’s report also states that, with the lockdowns now having been completely abolished and the demand starting to pickup, the automakers shall be scaling up the production of their vehicles in order to fulfill the rising demand and restore their own operations as well. With the demand having been restored, we all should look forward to this month’s stats to be released next month.

  • Pak suzuki se request he keh garian ore mehngi karen, ta keh koi bhi suzuki ki gari na khareeday, is tarah shayad hamari jan is suzuki azab se bach jae.

  • If Toyota,Honda,Suzuki or any other companies continue to increase Price’s of vehicles then I think customers should go after low used cars in the market because if they continue their increasing rates of car Price’s then I think no one will buy. We are paying double money for these cars .

  • Suzuki is selling a scrap in millions. Come on bring some improvement beside only raising price.

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