Hyundai Tucson Gets a Rs. 200,000 Price Hike Just a Day After Launch

Just two days into the launch of the vehicle, Hyundai Nishat has already jacked up the price of the brand new Tucson by Rs. 200,000. The launch of the car took place on Tuesday at 07:30 PM via a Facebook Live Stream, where the original price of the vehicle was announced to be Rs. 4,899,000 for the GLS Sport model and Rs. 5,399,000 for Ultimate model.

But now, as per the reports, the GLS Sport is valued at Rs. 5,099,000 and the Ultimate variant at Rs. 5,599,000, following the Rs. 200,000 price hike.


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Also, it is pertinent to mention that the Kia Sportage, which is Tucson’s direct competitor and with whom the Tucson shares most of its mechanical and electrical components, is still valued at Rs. 4,899,000 as a Front-Wheel Drive mid-tier variant and Rs. 5,399,000 as an All Wheel Drive top tier variant.

Both cars share the same power plant, i.e. the 2.0 liter 4-cylinder MPI petrol engine that makes 155 horsepower and 196 newton/meters of torque, and can be mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. In terms of other features, both cars are practically the same as well.


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Plus, the Sportage has a recently launched base Alpha variant as well, which is valued at Rs. 4,399,000. However, it is missing a few key-tech features, but, compared to the Tucson, it gives Kia Lucky a huge advantage in terms of value for money.

Reports also suggest that, Hyundai has temporarily shut down its bookings for the new Tucson, as the dealers await confirmation from the company about the revision of rates.

  • A solutely unethical to advertise a certain price in the morning newspapers, and 12 hours later, increase the price by Rs200,000. It is outright cheating by Mian Mansha’s Nishat Motors Ltd.

    • Guess could be some mis-understanding. Mian Mansha is an ethical entrepreneur. Let’s wait for the reply.

  • its not a fare deal, the customers who booked at same price with Sportage will get delivery on hiked prices. and in my opinion Sportage is far better the Tucson due to its solid body and finishing.

  • I would have bought Tucson, but just because of this unfair and unethical price hike, I am reverting back to KIA.

  • Guys go for Kia….its a proven stable vehicle…..if Hyundai is alresdy confused about the price then tomorrow they will say sorry no warranty. Besides kia shape is much better than confused Hyundai. I’m buying kia sportage this monrh

  • Tucson shouldnt hike prices suddenly. These automobile manufacturers are blackmailing and cheating with local markets by selling lesser quality material at very high cost. Mian Mansha should reduce more prices so that it may compete with other competitors and a better market space Tucson can get.

  • Hyundai Corporation is the world Champion in Clean fuels with lead in Hydrogen fuel which is zero emission. Pakistan is invaded by Climate Change challenges with Euro5 fuel at this time when Climate Change is peak. Kia has NO place in research in environmentally clean fuels, in Road Safety where Hyundai is Champion in Europe, US. Please contribute to the cause of Hyundai Clean Fuel which is hydrogen. Hundai is the Champion and it should make sure it remain.

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