Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Passes Torture Test With Flying Colors, Almost

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has finally made it to the renowned JerryRigEverything durability test and has left some interesting findings. The all-new Gorilla Glass Victus is featured on Samsung’s new flagship, but the test showed that it is no different from previous generations.


OnePlus Nord Fails Torture Test Horribly [Video]

Gorilla Glass Victus provides the same scratch resistance as previous generations, scratching at a level 6 and getting deeper grooves at a level 7 on Moh’s hardness scale. But as Zack notes in the video, when Corning talks about improvements in Gorilla Glass, they are not comparing it with previous generations, but with standard glass instead, which sounds like some misleading marketing.

After Zach mercilessly breaks the S Pen, we see that it still has replaceable tips and the same magnetic coil wrapped right behind the tip, same as before. This helps the display detect the S Pen even at a distance.

Another interesting, but strange, finding was that the AMOLED display turned black and never recovered during the burn test, which is what we usually see on LCDs instead of OLED displays, which typically turn white and partially recover quickly. This may not have any practical implications but is interesting to note.

The bend test was the most impressive part. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is incredibly sturdy just as the previous generation, not flexing even a bit and staying in perfect shape despite the abnormally high pressure. Durability of this grade should be expected at this price point, especially since even mid-rangers these days are quite durable.