Here’s Why You Can See Through Xiaomi’s Lux TV

The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX is the world’s first transparent OLED TV set to be mass-produced soon. It is a 55-inch OLED TV with a 120Hz refresh rate that debuted on August 11 with a see-through display which almost looks like ordinary see-through glass. The company has finally revealed the process that made this technology possible.


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The first step is an obvious one. The company moved everything that normally goes behind the screen into the circular stand at the bottom. This cramped all the components together so Xiaomi had to take special care when it came to thermals. The chipset inside has a heat sink of its own and is lined with dots at the bottom that act as vents.

Xiaomi reveals the secret behind its transparent TV - there are holes in the matrix

Both LCD and OLED panels can be made transparent, but its easier to do so with OLEDs since they don’t require a backlighting module like LCDs. However, OLEDs are not naturally transparent either so Xiaomi has added a unique RGBW matrix where only half the screen is covered with pixels while the rest is transparent.

Xiaomi reveals the secret behind its transparent TV - there are holes in the matrix

These pixels are fine enough to become invisible at a normal viewing distances, but the gap between them is tiny as well, so those aren’t visible either. This combines to form a surface that looks no different than a clear glass window.

This raises concerns for durability, which is why Xiaomi has bonded a 55” piece of glass to the display with UV-curable glue to protect the panel. It is also lined up with a metal frame to give the glass rigidity (as it can be seen in the first image).

There are plenty of other intricate details involved with this technology, which you can check out here

The TV is already up for sale in China for a staggering price of $7200.