Jazz Successfully Deploys Pakistan’s First 400G Network

Jazz, Pakistan’s number one 4G operator and the largest internet and broadband service provider, has successfully deployed the country’s first 400G technology on its fiber-optic network.

This development will greatly benefit customers with faster and higher data requirements. The increase in data capacity on this 400G network can deliver high speeds equivalent to over 180,000 HD video streams at the same time or more than 70,000 songs downloaded in a single second.

Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim said, “We see that customers are increasingly using high-bandwidth applications which resultantly, puts pressure on existing data networks. Our 400G technology enables us to deliver faster and more data on the existing network to meet the growing demand. Jazz is committed to developing a digital ecosystem that supports the evolving technology needs of individuals and businesses.”

The demand for broadband speed and volume grows exponentially with a rise in low-latency activities like virtual meetings, online gaming, video streaming, etc., there is an urgent need to deliver more data through existing fiber networks. This 400G technology solves most issues because it significantly increases the data-carrying capacity of existing networks without any changes to infrastructure and can deliver up to 400 billion bits of information per second.

While projects like smart cities take shape in the country, and emerging applications make use of technologies like VR, AR, 4K, 8K, 16K and the Internet of Things, Jazz believes that investment in more adaptive networks that foster innovation and enable the delivery of more advanced services are paramount.

Jazz CTO Khalid Shehzad said, “This technology essentially allows us the freedom to provide more data at greater speeds through a programmable network that we can ramp up, like flicking a switch. Such a sustainable technology creates the basis for many subsequent developments including smart city solutions, ultra-fast internet including 5G, and further opportunities to be jointly developed with public authorities.”

It is also pertinent to mention that this is not the first step that Jazz has taken to future proof its network against the growing data demand. Recently, the Mobile operator successfully launched 200G technology on its long haul optical transport network and 100G on its metro networks.

Jazz’s 400G network is for now carrying live customer traffic across the Lahore metro region with plans underway for further expansions.

  • pehly Coverage to theek krlo
    Poory Pakistan me Signal ni aaty aa jain to call ni hoti

    Laanat aise network pe

  • Jazz customers are facing network issues since start of COVID-19. It is very disappointing on part of Jazz, which claims that it is No. 1 Network of Pakistan. Jazz should immediately take action against all complaints and should upgrade it’s system and protocols in order to satisfy customers.

  • dont know what this means for a customer. but here in multan city 4g doesnt work even on full signals. coverage is weak. it fall back to 2g(edge) in most cases. internet does work on 3g when 4g is not working. but it is very very slow on 3g. in short its unuseable in most cases. you have to turn airplane mode on/off to send a simple text.

    my other sim is zong . not favouring zong. but zong works well most of the time. dont know how but zong is working on 20 + 5 CA in most areas of multan . thats why its upload speed is awesome. for data my choice is zong

  • Jazz has pathetic 4G coverage even in major areas of Lahore. How they can say No.1?? They should say them as No. 1 when user say this ………….

  • That is great. After going thru the comments just want to ask if anyone Jazz is listening to the complaints made by the people?
    If yez, please do the needful to provide the basics first to all before embarking upon to the latest technologies.

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