Salim Malik Reveals Shocking Secrets Related to Rashid Latif

Salim Malik, the former Pakistan team captain, has revealed that Rashid Latif forced his way into the national team due to his close ties with a powerful political party at that time.

While speaking to the media, Malik said that Latif used to call Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder, Altaf Hussain, his father.


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Why is Rashid not calling Altaf Hussain his father anymore? I have not spoken for 20 years on this [topic] but enough is enough. My children have grown up and I need to remove their doubts about my character.

Malik went on to claim that Latif also conspired against the Pakistani team to secure captaincy.

Latif also forced Ata-ur-Rehman, the former right arm pacer, to write an affidavit against Wasim Akram.


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He also made a cassette of Ata’s statement in which he can be heard saying harsh words against Justice (R) Malik Qayyum, the head of the judicial commission which heard Ata’s case. Latif then presented the cassette to the commission, Malik claimed.

Recently, Ata also alleged that Latif made cassettes of his teammates and used them to threaten them.

Ata-ur-Rehman has challenged Latif to answer his questions but is yet to receive a reply from the latter.

  • All these guys say nothing at the right time (when it matters) and then later on their sleeping conscious suddenly wakes up.
    They do nothing but prove that they were worthless, pathetic and coward people. When Justice Qayyum was making that enquiry, you should’ve told the whole truth. It might have highlighted all the culprits of your time.
    Just in case you are right, Rashid played for years after that scandal. God knows how much damage he did while he was in the team. You could’ve stopped it.
    You sold matches then and now you are selling your rotten onions to gain sympathies.

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