20 More Buses Added to BRT Fleet Along With Inauguration of Feeder Routes

As per latest media updates, Peshawar BRT has made significant headway by opening up all the feeder routes and adding 20 more buses to the fleet to address the public’s growing reliance on the commuter service.

The recent addition of buses into the fleet has taken the total number of buses in BRT up to 90, the more passengers start to avail the bus service each day. Furthermore, the authorities report that the Feeder routes of Hayyatabad have also been opened up for the public use, and that more routes shall be made functional within two to three months’ time.

The BRT project features a 27.5-kilometer-long main route that goes from Chamkani to Hayatabad with 31 stations in total on the main route. Furthermore, seven feeder routes added with the main route add up to make a total of 62 kilometers with 146 stations that would serve a large number of passengers on a daily basis.

The project was conceived under the leadership of provincial minister, Pervaiz Khattak back in 2017 and was initially planned to be completed in 6 months with a budget of under Rs. 49 billion. However, numerous delays due to design alterations and other challenges not only delayed the project by almost 3 years, but also pushed the budget up to well over Rs.70 billion.

However, On August 13, Prime Minister Imran Khan finally inaugurated the project. The BRT project has all the promise, for not only offering ease of commute to the general public but also generating and allocating a handsome amount of revenue for the right cause. Whether or not the promise is fulfilled, remains to be seen.