Xiaomi Unveils Mi Walkie Talkie Lite With 5KM Range

Xiaomi’s regularly updated series of Mi Walkie Talkies have received a Lite version, which is a cheaper variant of the third generation Mi Walkie Talkie. The Mi Walkie Talkie Lite starts at only $18 but still has incredible range and battery life.


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The new walkie talkie has a 3W power transmission and range between 1 to 5 kilometers. The 2,000 mAh battery provides 10 hours of continuous use and 5 days of standby time. In comparison, the standard version offers up to 13 days of standby time and a 6-kilometer range.

It features a scratch-resistant build and the whole package weighs only 163 grams. The lightweight body makes it portable and easy to use and it also comes with a quick-release back clip. The speaker inside has a 40mm diameter which is 23% larger than traditional walkie talkie speakers. This helps ensure clearer calls in noisy environments.

As with all other walkie talkies in the series, this one can also be paired with the Mijia app to select a frequency, backup frequency information, turn on button-free calls, and much more. Once the device goes into pairing mode, the 16 frequency channels can be copied to other walkie talkies for seamless communication with a variety of different devices.

The Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Lite will be available in China soon for only $18.