HBL Launches ebanc ‘Roshan Digital Account’ to Facilitate Overseas Pakistanis

HBL launches the ‘Roshan Digital Account’, an initiative of the State Bank of Pakistan. The ebanc ‘Roshan Digital Account’ is an innovative product that will enable overseas Pakistanis to open an HBL account from anywhere in the world, digitally, without visiting a branch.

Through the opening of this digital account, overseas Pakistanis will now be able to send remittances back home to their families in a hassle-free manner allowing them to conduct everyday bank transactions with ease from wherever they may be.

Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO, HBL, commented on the ebanc ‘Roshan Digital Account’ launch, “HBL is fast digitalizing its products and processes to help its customers lead hassle-free lives. Incoming remittances are a key component of Pakistan’s economy and ebanc ‘Roshan Digital Account will play its part in the growth and adoption of these digital financial solutions to support the country.”

  • Its funny, most of the overseas Pakistanis actually gain state-benefits from both the countries, country of origin and country of residence. While the locals keep wishing for more innovative facilities for them, which is seldom.

    • Overseas pakistanis face racism and all kinds of abuse,mental and physical from the natives and from other nationalities.These pakistanis are not all millionaires, Pakistanis are working as cleaners in uae for less than 900 dirhams and still bearing the expenses of their family and relatives.You think its easy? Go get a visa and enjoy the facilities that you think are available to overseas pakistanis.

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